Accusations that Trump’s Border Policy is Racist Don’t Pass This Simple Test

Elder Patriot – Henry Salinas, a member of the caravan from Honduras, said that he planned to wait for the larger caravans to arrive so that the group could rush the border fence at the same time and overwhelm Border Patrol agents:

“It’s going to be all against one, one against all. All of Central America against one, and one against Central America. … All against Trump, and Trump against all.”

Mr. Salinas must be listening to CNN and MSNBC too much.

Here’s The Epoch Times account of what’s actually been taking place in and around Tijuana where the migrant invaders have been congregating while planning their next move.  It’s not all about Hispanics helping Hispanics, either:

Tijuana residents said they want the Central American migrants who have arrived in the city to leave…

They formed a protest, saying there were already too many migrants there, urging them to leave.

One confrontation between Tijuana residents and the intruders lasted more than three hours with area residents singing Mexico’s national anthem and waving Mexican flags, with alternating chants of, “You’re not welcome,” and, “Get out!”

According to The Epoch Times, another Mexican national said:

“This isn’t about discrimination, it is about safety!”

Javier Urbano, a professor who studies immigration, confirmed that less than one percent of Mexico’s population is foreign-born.  This, in essence destroys the narrative that opposition to these intruders is race based.

According to one recent survey, 34% of respondents wants the Mexican government to refuse helping the migrants and to pressure them to return to their own countries.

Hat tip to Mindy Robinson for providing the tweet and video, below.  Listen to Tijuana native Elvia Villegas:

“And my admiration is for the President because he is defending his borders.

“Which President?”

“Donald Trump, he continues to defend his borders, not like here in Mexico where politicians are corrupt and do not defend their borders.”

The fact is the invaders aren’t solely opposed by President Trump nor can his decision to protect our borders any longer be propagandized as being racially motivated.  

Let’s attempt to share this with every Trump supporter so that efforts to shame us by calling us racists will no longer be successful.