Absurd! Dem Spending Spree Has No Limits Chicago Task Force Recommends Paying Struggling Chicagoans $1,000 Per Month

Elder Patriot – Democrats are apparently relying on decades of spending that turned our education system into a socialist indoctrination mill, absent economic tutorials, to garner public support for their ludicrous proposals.

Even with the most robust economy on the entire planet, and despite already massive deficit spending, Democrats are calling for an even more massive spending spree that would triple current spending levels.

And, the most alarming part is most taxpayers won’t benefit from the large percentage of the spending in any appreciable way.

There’s the whopper of all spending proposals that came from Boston University Wunderkind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  AOC recently graduated from BU’s Maduro School of Business with an advanced degree in economic illiteracy.

AOC is demanding the implementation of a proposal for a “Green New Deal” that would direct the federal government to address “climate change” and, wait for it, “systemic injustice.”

Here’s just one example of AOC’s radicalism.  End all cows:

AOC is calling for moving 100% of the country’s energy needs of our entire economy to “clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources,” in under 10 years.  Because otherwise the world will be uninhabitable in 12.

The cost?  Four trillion dollars… annually.  Asked how she would pay for it, the self-admitted financial genius responded, just print more money.

If the pollution associated with endeavoring to rebuild America’s entire infrastructure inside of 10 years doesn’t kill you, the costs associated with getting food to the markets might.  

That’s on if you had any money left to purchase food after the Dems implement the 70% tax rates they have been espousing.

You think she’s a radical child who somehow got elected.  Not so, as the parade of Democratic politicians who have announced their 2020 president campaigns attest to:

This is the modern Democratic Party.  

“Free” healthcare and “free” tuition for every American too!  Because if the government says it’s free then there are no costs attached, right?  Oh, right that 70% federal tax rate.

Still not enough?  Here’s radical muslim Ilhan Omar in her own words calling for consideration of a 90% marginal tax on upper incomes:

Pay no attention to the part where she calls for reducing military spending.  I’ll leave it to you to decide about that idea coming from her. Just sayin’.

Crazy, huh?  Democrats aren’t finished.

Don’t forget state and local Democrats.  They are the proving grounds for the next generation of Maduros.

In Chicago, a mayoral task force has recommended paying some families a  $1,000 check every month with no strings attached. That’s the new proposal from a task force created by former Obama Chief of Staff, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Funding the least productive members of society to remain unproductive, what could possibly go wrong with an incentive like that?  

I guess it hasn’t occurred to these brilliant social engineers that some people are just fine with eking out an existence.  An extra $1000 – no strings attached and allowing for taxes – would make working 80 less each month attractive to a large number of people.

Keeping that money out of the hands of drug dealers, gangbangers, and the like is just one of many considerations this group of “do-gooders” obviously haven’t considered.

Or, maybe they have and simply don’t care.  Druggies, gangbangers, prostitutes, etc., vote, after all.  

Take the case of Sacramento, California where the city council unanimously voted to pay gang members $1.5 million to not kill people.

From the California Political Review:

Killing pays in Sacramento, especially if due to the ACLU, Prop 47, 57 and AB 109 you can not be punished or convicted due to technicalities in the law.  The City Council has decided to spend $1.5 million TO MAKE SURE 50 KILLERS DO NOT MURDER AGAIN. I know this sounds like Fake News, a joke—something you see on the Comedy Channel.  In this case the comedians at city councilmembers, using tax dollars on known killers—pretending that more social workers and midnight basketball will stop the death of innocent victims.

Let this sink in.  If the gangbangers had demanded this it would qualify as extortion.  When politicians think of this it qualifies as a brilliant example of new age thinking.

God help us.