After Rigging Search Results Against Trump, Google Gets Terrible News. Patriots Rejoice

ELDER PATRIOT – In what could be the first of many challenges to Google’s deliberate rigging of search results to benefit the company’s management personally, the EU is considering levying a $9 billion fine against Google’s parent Alphabet.

This case is founded on Google’s intentional transmutation of responses to benefit its own shopping service.  It appears that the recently concluded seven-year investigation by the European Commission has provided enough evidence to conclude that Google’s distorted results damaged not just the company’s competitors but their customers as well.

The last is a key legal precept for members of the Freedom Movement who have been harmed not only by Google’s censoring of alternative pro-America, pro-Trump news, but also by Facebook’s deliberate stifling of traffic among its conservative subscribers.  Ditto for Twitter.

Under EU antitrust laws, companies determined to be in violation face fines up to 10% of their annual sales.

People with knowledge of the investigation have told us that two additional cases are waiting to be prosecuted after this one.

American patriots can be sure Trump’s justice department will be watching this case closely so that they can apply the same “Damaged User” theory to force Google to serve the First Amendment rather than the agendas of their political allies.

Facebook, eyeing China’s 1.1 billion potential users has similarly been busy “proving their worthiness” to the politically oppressive regime by limiting the reach among their conservative users.  

This clash between Europe’s demand for unfettered results and China’s demand for near total censorship sets the stage for a landmark ideological Supreme Court battle that will determine the future of Freedom of Speech in America for future generations.

Thanks God President Trump is the one who appointed the tie-breaking vote to our nation’s high court.