300 Editorials, McCain Funeralthon & Deep State Campaign Rally, Bob Woodward, NYT Op-Ed, & WaPo Follow up Signals Their Last Desperate Days

Elder Patriot – The last two weeks have revealed a concerted effort by the Deep State, and the assets they control in the mainstream media propaganda machine, to destroy President Trump before he releases the documents surrounding and contained in the FISA applications that will destroy them.

Keep in mind that every person and news source cited in the headline to this article came out against Donald Trump during his campaign.  Their words now would only have merit if their opposition back then could be shown to warrant that criticism now.

With record low unemployment across all demographic groups, the stock market gaining $10 trillion in worth in record time, a rapidly growing small business environment, the reset of horrendous trade deals and foreign policy entanglements, and rising real wages for the first time in decades, it will be hard to convince voters that President Trump and his policies don’t warrant re-election.

And, according to a report in the WashingtonExaminer, more good economic news is coming:

President Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and House Speaker Paul Ryan have teamed up this summer to do something that hasn’t happened in two decades — write and pass department spending bills instead of lumping everything into a massive package.

And while Congress has taken the votes, many on Capitol Hill are giving Trump and his team the credit for breaking the 20-year log jam. They cite his refusal to sign another massive “omnibus” spending bill that ignored his priorities, even if it means shutting down the government.

“This is all driven by the president,” said a key congressional insider. “It’s a win for the president. For 20 years this system has been busted.”

The bill curbs wasteful spending and, while that may benefit the American people, it does little to further enrich members of establishment class and their bloodsucking financial backers.  And therein lies the most obvious reason for the current assault on President Trump.

As George Carlin famously said; “It’s their party and you aren’t invited.”  Neither was President Trump.

The latest attempt to discredit President Trump comes in the form of an anonymous Op-ed.  WTF is that? Before judging the veracity of this piece we all deserve to know if this was written by Jim Comey, Rod Rosenstein or Kathy Griffin, or perhaps the NYT itself.

The Times hands aren’t clean when it comes to bashing Trump.  Remember this headline from Inauguration day 2016:

The Times then spent the next several months denying that claim in defense of the Deep State until the narrative against Trump changed.

As far as the unnamed author, he or she has the temerity to say:

The dilemma — which he does not fully grasp — is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.

What are we to conclude from that?  Here’s what I conclude, if there are that many members of Trump’s senior administrators intent on undermining the duly elected president then grow a pair and come forward as a group.  Otherwise, STFU.

There will be no great reveal because there is no legitimacy to the claim.  

Just as Bob Woodward’s book is almost completely reliant on unnamed sources.  The few named sources immediately came forward to deny the quotes Woodward attributed to them.  Only a sycophant would trust the rest of Woodward’s assertions after that.

Just as John McCain’s funeral, a funeral for a man who never lived his life as a hero, never, Never, N.E.V.E.R., became a celebration for the Deep State actors to attack an American president who is actually making America great again.  Something they promised but never delivered on.

Just as 300 newspapers coordinated an attack on a president of incredible accomplishments for the American people but that has come at the expense of the Deep State’s patrons.

Without any legitimacy they’ve all aligned to empower an echo chamber to further deride the president.  As the Washington Post pretty much admitted in a follow up opinion piece:

Taken together, they landed like a thunder clap, portraying Trump as a danger to the country that elected him and feeding the president’s paranoia about whom around him he can trust.

The piece is titled “The sleeper cells have awoken.”  Let that sink in.  We live in a representative republic.  The people elected Donald Trump as their president.  The only opposition to his policies within our government that are legally acceptable lies in Congress, and the courts if he oversteps the law.  And, certainly not “sleeper cells.”

The Op-ed accomplished its goal.  Cable news was abuzz over the latest unverifiable attack.  Just as they rallied behind the Steele dossier that was later admitted to be unverified, as well.  

The difference is that Steele and Fusion GPS had identified themselves providing us a target to investigate.  The mainstream media will make no such mistake this time.

Steve Schmidt, MSNBC’s go to Republican Trump derisionist actually said:

We are in an hour of national emergency in this country…  “We know that this administration is vile, corrupt, and likely criminal. We know that this president is amoral. That he is mentally and intellectually unfit for his office.

Trump’s supporters would agree that a national crisis is looming and then point to the remainder of Schmidt’s diatribe as being better suited to describe the anti-Trumpers in the mainstream media, Schmidt included.

Where are their proofs?  If this is a dysfunctional presidency then it’s also a model for effective government.  And now, with Ryan and McConnell finally doing their jobs, it is becoming the model for efficient government.  At least more so than in multiple decades.

These are the last desperate volleys from Deep State collaborators, bureaucratic traitors, and the mainstream media prior to the president going nuclear on them.

Trump let on this morning what awaits those traitors to the American people that are aligned against him with this tweet:

Declassification!  They will hang from their own petard.

Around the 5:53 mark Gregg Jarrett explains what awaits those behind the coup attempt once President Trump orders the release of the documents surrounding the application to the FISA court that were used to spy on his campaign, his presidency, and that resulted in the appointment of an unwarranted special counsel to hound his presidency and destroy those around the president:

It [the document release] will exculpate the president and incriminate the people at the Department of Justice and the FBI who used false intelligence knowingly to target the president of the United States to undo the election results.

Against the backdrop of America’s amazing re-ascendancy as the world’s only economic and military superpower who are you going to believe?  Those who applauded the end of American manufacturing, the offshoring of our corporations, the outsourcing of American jobs, insourcing cheap foreign labor – both legal and illegal – ignoring our borders as though they don’t exist for good reason, and who were derisive to those who protect us while extolling the violence of social justice agencies such as Black Lives Matters and Antifa?

Or President Trump’s record setting results for putting the United States back on the road to greatness?

President Trump is catching maximum flak because he is squarely over the target.  Declassification, arrest, and prosecution await those who attempted to thwart our elections.  It’s about time. They have earned everything that’s coming their way.

Hillary laid the justification for what awaits them during the last debate with Trump.  She considered tampering with the election worthy of retaliation by the full force of our military.

Well, here it comes.