U.S. Senator From NY Tied to NXIVM Sex Cult

April 30, 2018

Elder Patriot – Many sexually perverse and corrupt politicians are counting on the Deep State’s coup against President Trump to succeed lest they find themselves exposed, disgraced, and in prison.  That explains why they cling

CIA Director Colluded with Foreign Powers To Destroy Trump

April 27, 2018

Elder Patriot – New evidence reported by the Guardian reveals there was foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election.  Unfortunately for Democrats, who have pinned all their hopes on nailing Donald Trump with this charge,

Et Tu, Paul

April 25, 2018

Elder Patriot – As great as the temptation may be to limit your view of the Clinton crime syndicate to elected Democrats and their appointees that’s not likely to be the case when all of

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