In 2012 Nearly 200,000 Florida Voters Were Non-Citizens – It’s Anybody’s Guess How Many There are in Broward County Today

Elder Patriot – In 2012, the NBC affiliate in Miami quoted Florida officials as saying that nearly 200,000 registered voters in the state may not be U.S. citizens.

The Department of State asked county election officials to verify the voter registrations of those on their voter rolls and no figures were available

Given our knowledge of the deliberately misfeasance of Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes there’s little reason to believe she complied.  It’s entirely more likely, based on everything we’ve learned about Snipes, she ignored the order altogether and continued building Broward’s voter registration with non-qualified voters who, by and large vote for Democrats.

Here’s the signed affidavit of an eyewitness to Snipe’s corrupt operation:

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where if Snipes was secretly and aggressively “manufacturing” ballots she wouldn’t also have turned her back on verifying the registrations of illegals.

In 2012, Broward Mayor Jon Rodstrom admitted to losing faith in his county’s election system:

“For the first time in my career, I’m beginning to believe that elections can be manipulated.” – Broward Mayor Jon Rodstrom

Breitbart reported:

In 2016, Snipes had a lawsuit filed against her office by the American Civil Rights Union after they claimed she had more voters on the rolls in the county than eligible citizens in the area at one point.

According to the lawsuit, filed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, Broward County had more voters on their voter rolls than eligible citizens with a 103 percent voter registration rate.

The lawsuit also accused Broward County of having nearly 50 registered voters on the rolls who were older than the oldest living American at the time. One of those voters was allegedly listed as being 130-years-old.

Another 1,200 voters allegedly remained on the Broward County rolls despite using ineligible commercial addresses and about 23 percent of the voters who died in 2011 were allegedly still on the county voter rolls in May 2012, the lawsuit stated.

Colorado Senator Cory Gardner put to rest the ostrich-like questions from NBC’s “Meet the Press’” Chuck Todd this morning,

TODD: Do you have any evidence that fraud was committed, that somehow unethical liberals are down there trying to  change the vote in Broward County? Was that rhetoric? Was that an appropriate timing for that rhetoric?

GARDNER: Well, we have evidence that the state Constitution of Florida was violated. A court in Florida has said that. We have evidence people were going into unwitnessed areas filling out ballots, duplicate ballots which allowed under the law but only if you have witnesses in the canvassing board. We have officials, elections officials who are disobeying court orders, at least [they] were disobeying court orders.

The people of Florida must demand that Snipes be held accountable.  Whether the illegal voters are in our country illegally, or not, they are ineligible to vote in Florida elections.  When they do they dilute the legitimate votes of Floridians.

Snipes no longer deserves the presumption of innocence for her misfeasance or forgiveness for her malfeasance (if that’s what it is).  

Broward isn’t the only county with voting and voter fraud.  Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s own sister and brother are known to have voted illegally as late as the 2016 election.

It’s an almost certainty that Snipes stole the 2016 election for corrupt congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

Earlier this year, in May, a judge ruled that Snipes had violated state and federal law after she destroyed voter ballots in the state’s 2016 congressional election, essentially paving the way for former Democratic National Convention (DNC) Chairwoman Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to win re-election by less than 7,000 votes against Democrat primary challenger Tim Canova.

With the rank and file of both sides at near fever pitch, this is not going to end well.  And, once again, Democrats are at the center of orchestrating distrust in our elections.