60 Minute’s Mike Wallace Tries To Get Morgan Freeman To Cry ‘Racism’ … His Reply Is Perfect

Elder Patriot – Here’s a suggestion for Donald Trump, ask Morgan Freeman to help him end the race hustlers grip on our country’s dialogue.  The man is respected by virtually everyone.

And, wouldn’t it be sweet to watch him destroy Al Sharpton?

Two days ago we posted a video of Freeman’s completely eviscerating CNN’s Don Lemon’s tired racial narrative.  In the video, Freeman disavows that race plays a role in a person’s success.

Today, we present another Freeman video that shows Freeman is truly color-blind.

Here’s Mike Wallace, the former 60 Minutes icon asking Morgan Freeman about Black History Month:


Wallace: Black History Month.  You find…

Freeman: Ridiculous!

Wallace: Why?

Freeman: You’re going to relegate my history to a month?  What do you do with yours?  Which month is white history month?  Well, c’mon, c’mon tell me.

Wallace: Um, … I’m Jewish.

Freeman: Okay, which month is Jewish history month?

Wallace: Er, there isn’t one.

Freeman: Oh, why not?  Do you want one?

Wallace: No.

Freeman: Alright, I don’t want one either.  I don’t want a black history month.  Black history is American history.

Wallace: (searching) How we gonna get rid of racism until…

Freeman: (interrupting) Stop talking about it!  I’m going to stop calling you a white man.  And, I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.

Freeman is not being Pollyannaish he is being a realist.  Racism will never be fully eradicated from our world but that is only because the politicians who benefit from it will never stop fomenting the identity politics and limited resources that cause it.