Comey Incriminates Hillary, Lynch, Himself & More But Media Ignores & Kicks Anti-Trump Coup Into High Gear

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream media’s decision to distort what we all saw with our own eyes when former F.B.I. Director James Comey further disgraced himself under questioning from the Senate Intelligence Committee is proof that something far more sinister is afoot.

Take a look at the front page of this morning’s NY Times:

That isn’t what any serious watcher saw yesterday.  If they are honest with themselves they witnessed Jim Comey admit to multiple felonies including:

  • Leaking to the NY Times that he said he did to prompt the appointment of a special prosecutor.  Why?  He had already privately admitted on three separate occasions that Trump wasn’t a target of any investigations?  If there existed no underlying crime why the need for a Special Prosecutor?   Special prosecutors do little more than shut down the workings of government – This alone should disqualify his credibility.
  • Perjury – Yesterday, in recounting the private dinner meeting he had with President Trump in February, he claimed to “feeling pressured” to drop the Flynn investigation.  But he testified to Congress on May 3rd of this year that he had never been pressured in any way regarding any investigation during his tenure as F.B.I. director.
  • He revealed that he acquiesced to an improper request by Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch to label the Clinton email investigation a “matter” instead of an investigation.  In this why he refused to recommend her indictment after laying out a case against Mrs. Clinton that makes the one now playing out against Reality Winner look like a parking violation?
  • Despite the fact that the F.B.I. never comments on investigations, Comey was at a loss to explain why the only investigation he wouldn’t deny was taking place was one against President Trump who was the only person that wasn’t under investigation at any time.
  • Comey then admitted that President Trump asked Comey to keep on the Russia investigation and to let him know if anyone is his administration becomes implicated.  If that’s not the ultimate duty of the F.B.I. then what is?  Does not the president need to know if someone in his administration has gone rogue?
  • He called himself a “coward” for not telling the president that he was feeling pressured by his comment that the president’s “hope” that the Flynn investigation exonerated the General was improper and tantamount to obstruction.  Comey is not a neophyte.  He has served three presidents and, if he felt at any time that the president had overstepped the bounds of their relationship, he should’ve told the president that, and then reported it to the D.O.J.  He didn’t.
  • Comey confirmed that the NY Times article about Trump colluding with Russia was fake news and had no basis in fact.  This is the same paper he admitted leaking to.

Frankly, Comey came out of the questioning having admitted he is more a political operative for the Democrats, or perhaps for the Deep State, than an independent investigator.

The MSM ‘s insistence on advancing this narrative is far more than a nothing burger of accusations against Donald Trump.  It precursors that the Deep State coup against President Trump is not going to stop no matter truth comes to light.

Former Republican presidential candidate and true conservative, Pat Buchanan asks a simple question that we’ve been asking in this column space for many months now:

“Now, given that our NSA and CIA seemingly intercept everything Russians say to Americans, why is our fabled FBI, having investigated for a year, unable to give us a definitive yes or no?

“The snail’s pace of the FBI investigation explains Trump’s frustration. What explains the FBI’s torpor?”

After all, except for the smoke created by Congressional Democrats and reported as gospel by the MSM, there isn’t a hint of a crime to be found.       

Back channels?  That doesn’t pass the smell test.  The timing of the supposed discussions of opening a secret channel came after the election.  That puts the lie that collusion helped elect Trump.  Any channel with the Russians merely represented a step forward in President Trump’s widely expressed promise to seek better relations with Russia both during and after the campaign.  There is no surreptitious behavior here.

So what is all of this manufactured conspiracy narrative really about?

While Trump ran under the banner of the Republican Party he only did so after conducting a hostile takeover of the party.  His candidacy and subsequent election represents a complete rejection of the political and media elites of both parties.

Trump often referred to them as the “Swamp” and while we loved it, they didn’t.  Trump’s win was a revolution to overthrow the elites’ ruling regime, something these megalomaniacs will never reconcile themselves to.

They reacted by going back to their old playbook for a plan to unseat President Trump.  The coup attempt is underpinned by a simple but easily accepted explanation: their loss caused by a stolen election, the result of a conspiracy between outsider Donald Trump and the Russians. 

The elites’ fired up their base with claims that this was a direct assault on our Democracy.  The hypocrisy of this has escaped most people, but it was the elites’ own assault on our Democracy that vaulted Trump to the presidency in the first place.

This is reminiscent of the arguments against Nixon and Reagan based on similarly constructed conspiracies that one conspired with South Vietnam and the other with Iran-Contra, after they had won 49-state landslides running on populist agendas.

We elected President Trump to “Drain the Swamp.”  Unlike other swamps the gators in this one are extremely well organized, meaning Trump is really up against it. 

We either stand together in support of President Trump or, “we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”