Zuckerberg And His CRINO Cucks

ELDER PATRIOT – Facebook users who expect their newsfeeds to suddenly be filled with alternative news stories following Zuckerberg’s meeting this past week with “prominent conservatives” will be disappointed.  If history is any indicator, we’re about to be tooled again.

“Prominent Conservatives” have a history of working with, not against, Mr. Zuckerberg.

The last time “prominent conservatives” met with Mr. Zuckerberg was in the spring of 2014.  Here’s a picture from that meeting:


“Prominent Conservatives” Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor and Andrew McCarthy meet Facebook’s Executive Team

The discussion focused on how Facebook could help the House of Representatives pass comprehensive immigration reform.   They asked Facebook to remove opposing viewpoints from their news feeds.

By June of 2014 House leadership decided the time was right to schedule a vote on the Senate’s “Gang of Eight” bill that provided full citizenship for illegal immigrants.  The vote failed.  But that was only because the voters of Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District figured out what was going on and defeated Cantor in the Republican Primary.  The resultant shockwaves rippled through Congress forcing many members to suddenly have a “come to Jesus” moment and change their votes for fear of being forced to walk the same plank as Cantor.

So, with Facebook’s record of working with Establishment Republicans, or “Prominent Conservatives,” why should we expect any changes now, especially with immigration and the economic and security problems that accompany it, still the central issue?

With the exceptions of Jim DeMint from the Heritage Foundation and Barry Bennett who is working for Donald Trump, the other fourteen attendees arguably represent a consortium of open border, pro amnesty Establishment Republicans.


There’s not an elected officeholder among them.  The only people they are answerable to are themselves.  

Zuckerberg learned his lesson from 2014 when Virginians rose up and threw Eric Cantor overboard shattering what had already been a shaky coalition of House Republicans, sending the legislation down to defeat.

Now, America’s original conservatives are no more.  Conservatism has come to mean whatever the Vichy Establishment Republicans decide best helps them sell their globalist agenda on any given issue that is not in the best interests of Americans.  This movement has given rise to the CRINO’s – Conservative Republicans In Name Only.

Who will speak for us once Facebook and their social media partners silence the alternative media, and Donald Trump passes into history?