WV Senator Joe Manchin Misses Bus – Launches Tirade Against Drivers Union

IOT – West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin followed the orders of his fellow Democrat Marxist leadership and refused to engage in the debate to fix our nation’s broken healthcare system.  Now he’s trying to call the plan to repeal as much of Obamacare as rules permit as “cruel and inhumane.”

Sorry Joe, that dog doesn’t hunt.  Here’s why.

The plan to repair Obamacare fell only a few votes shy of passing.  Where was Manchin prior to the vote?  He was sitting like a statue in the park as per orders from Chuck Schumer.    

It’s likely that had Manchin crossed the aisle a few more Dems would’ve joined him.  Even if no other Dem was interested in doing what they were elected to do, the bi-partisan pressure might’ve spurred a few recalcitrant Republicans to go along.

Manchin missed the bus and now he’s bellowing against the drivers union who did their best to stay on schedule.

There’s no question that the bill Mitch McConnell brought to the floor was far from perfect but so what?  Voting to advance it would’ve only opened the process to further debate after the reconciliation process with the House was finished. 

Manchin will stand for re-election able to say he never had an Obamacare “fix” to vote on.  Instead he’ll resort to his comments yesterday that repeal now, replace later is “cruel and inhumane treatment, allowing someone to dangle for two years.  … Things have changed. The bottom line, this is intricate, people’s lives are at stake here. We think that we can help fix it. I’ve been meeting with different people on both sides in a moderate group. We’re not going to get the far left or the far right.

Wrong Joe. 

Cruel and inhumane is the role you’ve played in the continued destruction of what was once the greatest and most affordable healthcare system the world has ever seen.

Cruel and inhumane is perpetuating a failed “tax and enrich the health insurers” scheme that has left hardworking men and women unable to afford either their premiums or the deductibles.

Cruel and inhumane is what hardworking Americans who deserve far better are facing when the current system collapses.

No one was happy with McConnellcare but it was an improvement over Obamacare.  Machin had a chance to show some leadership but instead he remained mute during the debate standing with other obstructionist Dems.  Working across the aisle to benefit the people of West Virginia just didn’t seem to occur to old Joe. 

By refusing to engage in the healthcare debate and now distorting the reason of why we’re at the point that we’re at, Manchin should be held accountable for his defense of Obamacare as surely as if he wrote the original bill that increased the profits of the health insurance industry by 150% from $6 billion to $15 billion in only 7 years.

Left with nowhere to turn except outright repeal, Republicans are at least trying to do what’s best for the large majority of Americans.  That, after all, is what a democracy should be about.

No amount of hyperbole after the fact should sway West Virginia’s voters in 2018.

Joe must go!