WUT??? Hillary Was Never the Subject of the FBI Investigation

Elder Patriot – In a stunning revelation during Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s testimony before a joint House committee hearing today it was revealed that nobody was listed as the subject of the “Clinton email investigation.”

Horowitz told lawmakers “Nobody was listed as a subject of this investigation at any point in time!”  This means that there was never a formal investigation of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s disregard for the laws governing the handling of sensitive and/or classified information.

Even after it had been discovered that multiple unauthorized foreign actors had gained access to her email network the FBI still searched for ways to protect the woman they were determined to help be our next president.

Perhaps that shouldn’t surprise us in light of the FBI’s determined effort to exonerate Clinton and bury any evidence from potential future investigators.

Remember, the FBI granted immunity to everyone one of her co-conspirators, and then destroyed all of their personal devices so no evidence would be available to future investigators – something I.G. Horowitz has been trying to piece together.

They even allowed Clinton’s lawyers to decide which emails of hers the FBI could see and then destroyed the remainder.  Then, for good measure they looked the other way when Hillary’s staff destroyed her private server that had been under subpoena – a crime in itself.

When they orchestrated all of that why would we be surprised to learn the FBI never even named her as a subject of the investigation?  The existence of the server, used, as it was extensively to conduct State Department business, was by itself a violation of the Espionage Act.

So the FBI ran an investigation without ever having a subject of that investigation?  I guess that’s what comes when the Attorney General orders that the FBI treat this like a “matter.”  That meant FBI Director James Comey was simply following orders when he called Clinton to share a two-hour coffee break on July 4th weekend to talk about anything but her private email server.

Just to be sure that Hillary couldn’t run afoul of perjury laws Comey never put Hillary under oath.

The fact that James Comey had written an exoneration statement early in the investigation, based on a standard that he added to the law – lack of intent – meant that his agents had better make certain not to find any additional incriminating evidence.

They took care of that by destroying any devices that might contain such evidence before even looking at them.  Then they made sure that no witnesses or co-conspirators would flip on Hillary by giving them immunity before ever talking to them.

Whatever shame comes the FBI’s way over the next few months has been well earned.