WTF! CIA & FBI Defy President Trump’s Demand to Release JFK Docs – Destroys Public Trust

Elder Patriot -The CIA and FBI pressured President Trump to further delay the release of up to 3,100 documents relating to the JFK assassination claiming they needed more time to review and redact portions of these documents. 

Considering that these federal bureaucrats had fifty-four years in which to effect the necessary redaction so as to get their story straight this doesn’t pass the smell test.

There are only two reasons that can warrant redactions in a reputedly free society where the people have a right to know:

  • To protect active operations
  • To protect sources and methods

It’s impossible to see how either of those can still be necessary 54 years later.  Operatives and sources are dead and methods have long since been changed.

President Trump, had promised these documents would be made public by midnight last night and he voiced his displeasure through a White House official who told CNN that the president was “unhappy with the [high] level of redactions” and that he felt neither agency was “meeting the spirit of the law.”

Both the CIA and the FBI waited to deliver the tranche of documents until yesterday leaving the president’s office little time to review the thousands of heavily redacted papers that the agencies are seemly desperate to keep secret.

Trump grudgingly agreed to extend the deadline another six months but the president was fuming that the documents were presented to him at the eleventh hour after a more than a half-century.

Trump agreed that redacting the identities of confidential informants who are still living would be proper but he was livid at the extent of redactions that obscured the peoples’ right to finally know the truth about that fateful day.

Watch this film that captured the moment President Kennedy’s head was blown backwards and then you decide if you still believe the official version of a lone gunmen firing from behind:

Trump sent a stern warning to both CIA Director Mike Pompeo and FBI Director Robert Wray who had essentially blindsided him on Thursday writing that:

“Any agency that seeks to request further postponement beyond this temporary certification shall adhere to the findings of the act, which state, among other things, that ‘only in the rarest cases is there any legitimate need for continued protection of such records.  Accordingly, each agency head should be extremely circumspect in recommending any further postponement of full disclosure of records.”

Trump went on to promise that on or before April 26th, 2018 he “will order the public disclosure of any information that the agencies cannot demonstrate meets the statutory standard for continued postponement of disclosure.”

With the public’s trust in both of these agencies at historic lows following such scandals as:

  • The FBI’s ongoing refusal to be forthcoming about the Las Vegas massacre
  • Both agencies failure to uncover the 9/11 attacks prior to their occurrence and refusal to be forthcoming in their wake:

  • Both failing to report the Obama administration’s collusion with Russia that we now know occurred over the eight years of his presidency
  • Former CIA Director John Brennan brazenly lying to the Senate
  • Former FBI Director Jim Comey being fired in disgrace turning his back on the illegalities of the Obama administration of Hillary Clinton
  • Former Director of Intelligence James Clapper lying under oath to a U.S. Senator about the extent of NSA spying on every American

Today, their refusal to come clean on who and what were involved in John Kennedy’s assassination fifty-four years later does nothing to allay the concerns of America’s citizenry. 

If anything we are left to conclude that these agencies believe themselves to be above the law and that has empowered them to operate a counter government that is apparently more powerful than our elected one.  At least they act as if they do and any attempt to bring these agencies to heel will be met with full-throated objection from Democrats and John McCain who serve as agents of these agencies.

Breaking up and replacing these agencies would be a great step in draining the swamp.