Wow! Planned Narrative Surrounding Pipe Bombs Crumble Within Hours

Elder Patriot – Efforts to derail President Trump’s growing red wave this November have taken a strange twist with the discovery of pipe bombs sent to prominent left wing radicals.

Within minutes the narrative shifted and the blame was being fixed on “right wing extremists” motivated by President Trump’s “over-the-top” rhetoric.  

Then respected investigative journalists, with a well-earned skepticism for these Deep State antics – especially two weeks prior to an election (aka October surprise) – began seeing anomalies as investigating authorities began releasing their findings:

Paul Sperry was among the first to tweet his findings:

By 11:05 this morning Sperry noticed the stench rising from the growing pile of evidence:

Then Emmy winning journalist Adam Housley joined in with his findings.

Sperry then jumped in with this tweet as the evidence continued pointing to a failed conspiracy:

And then the dam broke.  


By 1:43 Sperry raised the specter of a false flag:

Whether President Trump ever successfully drains the swamp he has already neutered the Deep State’s ability to incriminate anyone, anytime, for any reason.