Worst Case Scenario For Dems As Nadler Moves To Impeach While Trump Scores Win After Win After Win, Mueller Destroys His Own Reputation

Elder Patriot –  On Friday, House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler announced that he was proceeding with the impeachment investigation of President Trump: 

Robert Mueller had been the face of the impeachment movement for the past 26 months until he imploded under questioning from Congressional Republicans; here, here, and here.  

Mueller’s findings marked the fourth get-Trump investigation that failed to produce evidence of illegalities by either candidate Trump or President Trump.

But what the hey, if at first you don’t succeed try, try again.

Now, realize just how much of a failure, after spending $34 Million over 22-months, Mueller’s testimony turned out to be.  Here are the Fake News pundits in abject meltdown mode when commenting after Wednesday’s hearings:



Those were the reactions of the Democrat-aligned propaganda media immediately following the hearings… before the DNC and their Lawfare allies had time to develop and circulated the talking points memo.

Ya gotta give Democrats credit though, they refuse to be deterred.  


Rep. Lieu just couldn’t take no, as in no crimes were committed, for an answer.  Afterall, Trump is an existential threat to… their plans for open borders, 70-90% tax rates, continuing to export jobs and wealth overseas, and justifying the police state that they instituted under former President Obama.

This tweet from Mark Meadows is telling:

The special counsel’s team were a group of “Angry Democrats” assembled from a group of Obama era corrupt DOJ lawyers and FBI investigators, and Hillary Clinton acolytes.


They employed prosecutorial myopia, focusing solely on trying to find misconduct by Donald Trump.  Their avoidance of Hillary Clinton was deliberate, knowing that given even a precursory look her crimes would swallow their investigation. 


Following the hearings, Democrats held a vote to bring the first article of impeachment.  It was defeated 332-95. 

Americans should be asking themselves why are Democrats beating this dead horse?  If Democratic members of the House thought it had merit why did less than half of their own caucus vote against the motion?

Keep fighting Jerry, it’s last defense your corrupt party has.