You Won’t Believe This Libtard Sales Clerk Suffering Full Blown Meltdown On MAGA Hat Wearing Customer

Elder Patriot – Keep in mind as you view this psychotic meltdown that it was triggered by a hat.  A MAGA hat, but an article of clothing nonetheless.

Listen to this cretin:

“Leave the store!  Leave the store! Leave the store!  F*CK OFF! I DON’T GIVE A F*CK! GET OUT!”

The clerk then takes a swing at the customer, Ian Ferguson.

Referring to President Trump the unidentified clerk continued ranting; “I’m not serving anyone that has to do with that f-cker. He’s a treasonous a–hole.”

Ferguson then advises the clerk that he assaulted him.

The clerk relents and begins ringing up Ferguson’s order which led Ferguson to comment, “God bless America, capitalism wins again.”

That triggered the clerk into another tirade: “F-ck your capitalism, f-ck your f-cking president, he’s a racist stupid piece of sh-t.”

The reaction of the sales clerk is symptomatic of someone who’s been brainwashed to be triggered by a piece of apparel.

Consider that as you recall all of the irrational acts of violence that have been perpetrated against Trump supporters and conservatives over the past two years.

These irrational responses can all be traced back to the mainstream propagandist media that has systematically ginned up so much fear and loathing of President Trump that a fairly sizable deranged subset of leftists have been pushed over the edge into acting out irrationally and violently.

They shape the narrative that pushes weak-minded fools over the edge.

This particular lunatic has been fired. Here is the statement from Xhale City:

but the more important concern is how the propagandist media gets away with it.  And why they are allowed to continue unchecked.

James Hodgkinson, to Antifa, to Hollywood’s uncensored vitriol targeting President Trump would have a greatly reduced effect on our broader society without the 24/7 pounding administered to our president without pause.

Logic tells you no man could be as intolerable as they paint President Trump to be.  That necessarily means that illogic is governing the way these people think and behave.

Their orientation of hate makes it impossible to find middle ground with people who are so polarized in their thinking that they can’t even carry out a simple sales transaction when they’re being paid to do only that!

Our civil society is nearly in tatters and the media must be held accountable before all sense of civility has been destroyed and our government succumbs to these jack-booted Marxists.