WINNING: Dem’s Desperate as Donor’s Abandon Party

ELDER PATRIOT – The DNC only raised $4.29 million in May.  That is their lowest fundraising total since 2003. And, it appears to be, what is for their Marxist movement, part of a distressing trend. The DNC only took in $4.7 million in April and $6.5 million in March.

After the first sixth months of 2017 the DNC has a meager $7.5 million in the bank.  By comparison, the RNC with $44.7 million has six times as much money banked after the first half of 2017.

The Dems did see a $1.2 million increase in June’s fundraising from $4.3 million to $5.5 million but even here they continue falling behind the Republicans who experienced a $2.6 million month over month increase from $10.9 to $13.4 million. 

The Dem’s financial collapse can be attributed to Obama’s handpicked DNC head, Tom Perez.  Perez is a foul-mouthed unabashed Marxist who is following in Obama’s footsteps espousing social justice anger and division.

Perez’s tactic are increasingly viewed by the party’s heretofore big-money donors as unacceptable as they consider just what the country would look like if his Obama-like encouragement of violent anarchy is allowed to continue.

The Dems’ big money donors are fully aware that with their help Hillary Clinton grossly out spent Donald Trump by a multiple of 3 or more times and lost.  Anti-America messaging didn’t work in 2016 and all the money in the world can’t change that now that Donald Trump controls the bully pulpit.

President Trump has lit the spark of the second American Revolution and the anti-American forces coalesced within the Democratic Party are quickly running out of the money that the crony corporatists had previously coughed up to the DNC in the hopes of protecting the corrupt Dems who guaranteed their place at the public trough.

With their propaganda arm, the MSM also crumbling there will soon be no organizing opposition to prevent Trump from “Draining the Swamp” and from Making America Great Again.