Will The U.S. Be Next to Reclaim Its Sovereignty and Economic Freedom?

ELDER PATRIOT – No matter how the left-wing mainstream media attempts to spin yesterday’s vote to leave the European Union the truth cannot be denied, freedom was the winner.

When the EU was formed the people were told it was for the purpose of creating an economic trading coalition large enough to compete with the major economic powers around the world.  Four decades later the EU had evolved beyond an economic federation and into an oppressive regulatory agency with dictatorial powers superseding those of its member nations.

What the people of Britain got along with the economic alliance was an overreaching governing body of unelected bureaucrats located in a foreign capital that most notoriously came with unacceptable immigration quotas that threatened the fabric of their society, its economic vitality, and the safety of its citizens.

Putting the incredible strain on costs and jobs that accompanied immigration aside, even as simply an economic union, the Brussels command failed to deliver on growth because of stifling Green policies and other unnecessary restrictive regulations.

The truth is economic benefit was only used as the carrot to entice the Brits to join but the plan was, and has remained, to destroy the sovereignty of the EU’s member states, another step on the road to a singular global government. 

This was never clearer than Remain’s arguments for staying in. They ranged from warning of Britain’s economic Armageddon to charges of racism against those whose vote was based on Britain’s right to control her own borders.  As an economic union there was no need for Brussels to dictate immigration rules for the EU’s member nations.  This is the way tyranny raises its ugly head.  These same arguments are being made by the American left, today.

The threatened economic Armageddon has not occurred.  The markets opened the day down but well within the trading range of the past few months.  Considering the market has been severely over-valued for quite a while, yesterday’s vote has not panned out to be the seismic event the scaremongers threatened us with.

The British people rose up yesterday to once again reject an imperial oppressive force from the European mainland.  This will almost certainly embolden other nations to follow suit.  As they did during World War II, the Brits have begun unraveling the oppression that has taken hold of the continental mainland.

Will the United States follow suit and join Britain in re-establishing the freedom of it’s citizens as it did seventy years ago or will it continue on its current course and enter into the Trans Pacific Partnership thereby ceding its governing authority to a foreign tribunal and in the process advance the movement for the new world order?