Will the People of the Most Militarily Powerful Country in the World be Defeated by Their Own Weaponized Media?

ELDER PATRIOT – Only a fool can continue to doubt that the greatest threat to Americans – their culture, their religions, their prosperity, and the safety of their children – is the Islamic invasion that threatens to soon take over every aspect of our lives. Shockingly they will accomplish by simply turning our own mainstream media into a weapon against everything we hold dear.

This process began years ago with the Progressives’ attack on the Judeo-Christian beliefs that undergird our families and formed the foundation for America’s greatness.

This strategy will have cost the Saudi Royals hundreds of billions of dollars by the time they complete their goal of spreading Wahhabism throughout the Western world but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of trillions of dollars the U.S. government has spent on defense and surveillance both of which have been turned against American citizens and to the benefit of the Islamic invaders.

The incredible sum of money that Americans spent buying oil from the Saudis since John Rockefeller first secured exclusive rights to Saudi oil through his Standard Oil of California in 1933 is staggering and has established an imbalance of monetary transfers that the Saudis have used to buy Western political leaders as well as the mainstream media that shapes Western opinion.

They had been so successful in influencing our media to shape American opinion that we’ve had little to choose from between the presidential candidates of either political party for decades when it came to breaking our dependence on Saudi Oil and the staggering riches it brings to the Royal family.  In turn this allowed the Saudis to continue buying influence at ever increasing levels.

If you doubt that avarice fuels the permanent political class ask yourself this one question; Why will Hillary Clinton spend upwards of two billion dollars to secure a job that will pay her only $1.6 million over four years if she’s not impeached before?  The same question could be asked of entrenched politicians at every level of government who spend multiples of their anticipated compensation over the terms of office that they seek during every single election cycle.

Any questions as to whether a political oligarchy exists should be silenced byGeorge H.W. Bush’s decision to vote for Hillary Clinton.  Suddenly Bush doesn’t care about the right to life of the unborn, conservative Supreme Court justices, energy independence or virtually any other issue that he said he held dear while running as a Republican.  He is prepared to completely capitulate to the Progressive movement.  For what reason?

Bush must be petrified that his involvement with, and illegal enrichment from, the Clinton Foundation will made public before he passes from this earth if Donald Trump were to be elected.

Donald Trump now challenges the oligarchy Bush and his fellow politicians have built to defraud the American people of their wealth in their endless quest for more and more wealth.

Trump dispatched the “deepest” field of Republican candidates by speaking the truth and he is dominating the narrative with Hillary Clinton by continuing to do so with an appeal to voters’ common sense.  A cornerstone of Trump’s “Make America Great Again” platform is the development of our vast energy resources that will allow us to become energy independent and, in the process create hundreds of thousands of jobs directly and millions more jobs because of the new prosperity that will result.   This will also provide the leverage necessary to sever the Saudi’s influence over our political system.

The Saudis through their surrogates in Congress and Hillary Clinton are determined not to let this happen.  All wars are fought over money and this one is no different though the weapons employed in this one might be.  The Saudis are desperately protecting their direct access to your wallets that comes every time you fill up your gas tank.

The Saudi’s control of the mainstream media is now so complete that they have been ordered into full attack mode against everything Donald Trump says including completely mischaracterizing his statements as they relate to protecting Americans from Islamic radicals.  At the same time the Saudi controlled-media have resorted to splicing the comments of both of the Clintons and Donald Trump for purposes of propping up the Saudi’s queen bee.

The final stages of the Saudi’s strategy is on display in Western Europe where the Islamic invasion is now so pervasive that governments are running public service messages advising their citizens to get used to it as this one from Sweden illustrates:

And, this one from Germany does, too:

In our country, too the Saudi influence can be seen in our schools where young girls are forced to wear Hijab under the guise of cultural enrichment.  Less ignorant people might call it a conditioning process.

As I recall, Progressives have shown no such tolerance to Christian customs over the years.

The United States is only years behind Europe in allowing the completion of the Muslim takeover.

The election of Donald Trump is our last chance to save the vision of the Founding Fathers that spawned the greatest advances in medicine, technology, the arts and prosperity that the world has ever seen.

Once the Saudi foothold grows much stronger we will be powerless to turn back.

They will have defeated the greatest military in the history of the world without firing a single shot.