Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Holds So Many Americans in Contempt One is Forced to Ask Why She is Running to Represent.

ELDER PATRIOT – Wikileaks is conducting a carpet-bombing of the Clinton campaign with the release of thousands of new emails from her campaign’s chairman John Podesta and the revelations are leaving investigators wondering if there are any Americans that Mrs. Clinton actually does like.

Yesterday’s batch shows her closest advisors mocking Catholics, Southerners and “needy Latinos” among a number of other groups.  Besides criticism of her political opponents there is also an email that clearly trashes Blacks and Muslims.


With a racist point of view like that Black’s no longer have to wonder why Mrs. Clinton has never advanced legislative initiatives to bring them onto a par with other Americans financially.

It also raises the question as to why Mrs. Clinton is insisting on a massive expansion of Muslim immigrants.  It’s clear she doesn’t believe that they will help lift our economy.

So, let’s count everyone Hillary considers deplorable; White males, members of the military, the police, women who pass on a career to raise their children themselves, Latinos, Blacks, Catholics, Evangelicals, and Southerners.  That’s a whole lot of different people to hold in contempt for a candidate who claims to be all about diversity.

Another email confirms her hate – yes hate –  for everyday Americans:


The hatred and contempt expressed in these emails should disqualify any person from being entrusted with being the president of all of the American people.

If she’s not running to represent those Americans then whom is she running to represent?  There are the aforementioned Muslim immigrants, the fearful and ignorant within the Black community who have been so beaten down by Democrats’ policies that they are afraid to leave the plantation, the LGBTQ community that hasn’t figured out that the Muslims she’s importing will be throwing them off tall buildings, women who kill their babies for convenience, and feminists who refuse to consider what their lives would be like living with men who believe in Sharia law.

To be sure Mrs. Clinton is also representing some other groups like angry Black males who believe in indiscriminately killing police officers, Planned Parenthood that was founded by Margaret Sanger to exterminate Blacks, and the wonderful teachers who have turned many of our children into snowflakes incapable of confronting life head-on.

Whoa, it seems Mrs. Clinton’s basket is overflowing with more deplorables than Donald Trump’s, and, by a wide margin!

But Mrs. Clinton’s coalition of supporters has been cobbled together by design, not by accident as another Podesta email definitively states:


Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America.  Now Hillary Clinton wants to continue his legacy and finish the job.

This is not the America that our Founding Fathers sacrificed to create and nurtured so carefully in order to pass on to us. 

Trump’s supporters are awake to what’s being done to our religious liberties, our freedom of speech, our right to privacy, our free market system of capitalism and so many of our other inalienable rights. 

That is why there is no level of character assassination that will keep us from voting for him.  And, definitely not as long as the alternative is Hillary Clinton.