ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump has been plagued by leaks coming from within the White House and yesterday’s firing of Deputy Chief of Staff Katie Walsh shows that while the new president may be a political neophyte he is also a quick study and is nobody’s fool.

The president’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had lobbied for Walsh when she was first appointed.  She is widely viewed as a loyalist to Priebus whose own allegiance to the president has come under increasing scrutiny.

President Trump is well aware that Priebus was the head of the Republican Party before Trump conducted his hostile takeover of the party.  He gave Priebus a chance to realign his allegiances but Trump’s patience is growing thin.  It doesn’t appear that Priebus chose to give the president his complete loyalty.

Priebus’ choice of Deputy COS Walsh provided a buffer for him but she is now gone and Trump isn’t looking to fill the position with another Priebus loyalist.  That makes this a major move and serves notice to Priebus that he’s on a short leash.

It now looks as though Rick Dearborn, the current Deputy Chief for Legislative Affairs is the leading candidate to replace Walsh who has been dismissed from all White House responsibilities.

Dearborn previously served as chief of staff to Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions when Sessions was a Senator.

Dearborn’s promotion will create an opening that David Urban is likely to fill.  Urban had previously served as Chief of Staff to the late Arlen Specter.

Like Dearborn, Urban is a Trump loyalist who played a crucial role in winning Pennsylvania.  The promotions of Dearborn and Urban are just another example of Trump’s ability to learn and adjust quickly to the new landscape he is operating in.

Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle wrote of these moves, “Having two former U.S. Senate chiefs of staff with deep experience and connections on Capitol Hill—who are actually loyal to the president and support implementation of his ideas and agenda, not the ideas and agenda of other anti-Trump Republicans—could patch up many of the organizational issues on the inside.”

Importantly, these moves will leave Priebus significantly more isolated so that if he is the source of any future leaking it becomes clear instantly.

President Trump has already accomplished more in two months than most presidents did in two years.  Once he gets his team in order there’s no telling what greatness he might accomplish for the American people.