When Megyn Kelly Tried To DESTROY Donald Trump, Ivanka Stepped In With THIS PERFECT COMEBACK

VIA| I used to appreciate Megyn Kelly’s brutally honest perspective and hard-hitting interviews. Now that election season has begun, her true colors are starting to show- and she’s converted from political journalism to gossip journalism.

So when Megyn Kelly tried to paint Donald Trump as a misogynist, his daughter Ivanka had an eloquent response as always.

In this interview with Fortune magazine, Ivanka reveals how she believes the recent controversy between her father and Megyn Kelly has been “very sensationalized.” Unlike the rest of gossip journalists and liberal media, Ivanka doesn’t have time to waste on petty charades.


Ivanka also explains how much her father has done to create a working environment that allows women to succeed- completely shattering any misogynist accusations towards her father.

Watch the epic interview now: