What’s Behind Their Endorsements of Hillary???

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama hates Hillary Clinton, so with her facing the prospect of an FBI criminal referral why did he endorse her yesterday? 

After all, as the FBI’s investigation has escalated from Mrs. Clinton’s mishandling of official State Department communications to influence peddling involving foreign donations and billions of dollars, President Obama will soon be in a position where his Justice Department will be called upon to indict Mrs. Clinton on serious criminal charges that would disqualify her from holding public office of any kind and that should result in a long prison sentence.

There are only two possible reasons the president would put himself in such an untenable conflict of interest.

First, he might’ve made a political calculation that voters have become numb to charges of Hillary’s corruption and that her promise of a third Obama term satisfies his ego.  In any event, any Democratic Party success in November would depend on party unity and so yesterday’s meeting with Bernie Sanders was to that end.  Who better than Obama to broker Sanders surrender to Clinton?  One socialist to another as it was.

It is possible that the president was relying on a recent poll that suggests 71% of Democrats would support Mrs. Clinton even if she were to be indicted.  If the DOJ refused to indict her even upon an FBI referral that number would likely go higher.

And, who better to lead the Democrat’s criminal enterprise that the Clinton Family who have been responsible for bringing it into the big-time?

Still, I believe there’s more at play here than a couple of simple endorsements.  The key political consideration to yesterday’s endorsements by both Obama and Biden, and Sanders acquiescence, was indeed party unity.  Without unity there would be no chance to defeat Donald Trump.  A Trump presidency brings with it the potential for widespread investigations into the criminal enterprise that infests the Democrat Party that goes far beyond just Hillary Clinton.  But is Hillary really Obama’s choice to succeed him?

Sanders’ folding like a cheap suit after meeting with the president along with Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Obama all endorsing her within hours of each other suggests something else is in the works here.

With Bernie now out of the way the rank and file will almost certainly coalesce around Hillary leaving the president with a unified party, freeing him to read the tea leaves as the convention approaches.  Should the FBI’s referral come before the convention Joe Biden – President Obama’s first choice – can parachute into a unified convention un-bloodied from a political campaign and with the entirety of the party desperate, at that point, to support him.

Had Don Obama not “convinced” Bernie to stand down yesterday by making him an offer he couldn’t refuse, chaos might’ve been too mild of a word to describe what would have unfolded at the upcoming convention.

The path Obama has chosen potentially gives him a second option if Clinton stumbles or if the FBI leaks details of Mrs. Clinton’s illegal actions that are so damning that they cannot be ignored by the usually sympathetic mainstream media and thus Obama’s DOJ.

Obama made the politically expedient decision yesterday.

However, the political waters become more difficult for Obama to navigate once the convention is concluded.  For this reason, lets hope the FBI is kept busy with their investigation until at Least August 1st so that rank and file Democrat sycophants get what they wanted – Hillary Clinton as their nominee.