What Do You Have to Lose?

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump made this appeal to the Black community based on more than a half century of empty promises made by every Democratic candidate for president since 1964.  That’s a reasonable question every voter should be asking themselves about both candidates as they head to the polls to cast their ballot.

Barack Obama has aggressively campaigned for Hillary Clinton claiming she is the most “qualified candidate ever to run for the presidency.”  While that ignores her history of inertia as a two-term senator and her failed foreign policy as Secretary of State she has a history of public policy positions that gives us insight into what we Americans have to lose under a Clinton presidency.

If you believe endless wars are beneficial to you and your family then Mrs. Clinton gives you the best chance to realize your vision for the world.  As senator Ms. Clinton voted for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and was personally responsible for orchestrating the wars in Libya and Syria (that has led to massive refugee migration into Europe and here) and for having funded and armed ISIS.

If you believe that higher taxes lead to economic vitality then you should vote for her. 

If you believe that the nightmare of Obamacare – a Marxist construct that coordinated the government-corporate destruction of the world’s most envied healthcare system and that has resulted in the doubling of costs to the consumer since it has been passed – can be corrected with a few minor “adjustments” to the law then Mrs. Clinton deserves your vote. 

If you believe that our First Amendment is subject to limitation by the president in order to silence her political critics then Mrs. Clinton’s promise to “shutdown” Breitbart, Alex Jones and The Drudge Report should have you standing with her. 

If you believe that the Constitution should illegally be amended by the partisan views of five appointed Supreme Court Justices rather than by the will of the people as defined in Article V of document the document to protect those inalienable rights, then Mrs. Clinton’s plan to end our Second Amendment rights should appeal to you.

If you believe that energy costs driven higher by regulations benefit your family rather than the companies that supply that energy then you should vote for Mrs. Clinton.

If you believe that immigrants – legal or illegal – do not take the jobs of American workers or, alternatively, put a strain on our educational, healthcare, policing and social welfare systems then Mrs. Clinton’s position on granting blanket amnesty and indiscriminately opening our borders should be attractive to you.

If you believe that adding another $10 Trillion in debt for your children and grandchildren to deal with in the future then her economic plan should meet with your approval.

If you believe that the religion of government trumps the religion you were born to then Hillary is your candidate.

If you believe that it is a good use of taxpayers’ money to fund the college education of every young person even in light of the fact that more than 50% of today’s graduates cannot find employment commensurate with a college degree then you should like Mrs. Clinton.  After all, the graduate whose tuition you are forced to pay for might just take the job of the one your child was being considered for.  You will always be able to console yourself for making that decision when you learn that new taxpayer will be forced to pay your child’s welfare.

If you believe that the United Nations vision for the United States including Agenda 21, that will eventually outlaw the building of single-family homes as Angela Merkel has already done in Germany, then you’re with her.  Remember, when asked which world leader she most admires Mrs. Linton never hesitated in answering it was the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

If you believe that national security is so inconsequential that sharing it with your daughter and maid – as the most recent Wikileaks email dump over the weekend revealed – isn’t a security threat then you should not be troubled by Mrs. Clinton’s email problems.

If you believe that selling the assets of government – those assets belong to you, the American citizens – for the personal enrichment of government decision makers then Mrs. Clinton is the candidate for you.

If you believe that illegal aliens and other non-citizens have a right to vote in our elections then the encouragement of Mrs. Clinton’s surrogate President Obama who encouraged them to do exactly that yesterday should not bother you.

If you believe that going to war with a nuclear power over the emails that she purposely mishandled can benefit you and your family then God bless you and vote for her.

If you believe that 1-2% economic growth and a declining full-time workforce represents your vision for yourself and your children then you are right in supporting Hillary Clinton.

On the other hand I can think of only one reason to vote for Donald Trump and that is to drain the corrupt Washington swamp that has turned its back on hardworking Americans and in favor of Mrs. Clinton’s brand of governing for self-enrichment.

The Clinton-Mainstream Corporate Media-Neocon narrative that Donald Trump should be feared for opposing all of her policies and promising that he will work to return the government to the people is a straw dog. 

In fact, the only way to guarantee that our next president will be held accountable for anything (and in Donald Trump’s case for everything) is to elect Donald Trump because, as the mainstream corporate media and the establishment of both parties have proven, they will subject him to a daily proctology exam.

A vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for more of the same from our Washington establishment.  If watching increasing numbers of your countrymen lose their jobs, their homes and their families doesn’t scare you then by all means, vote for continued corruption and globalization and diminishing opportunity and family incomes.

If you believe that our leaders could do more to improve life for more Americans then casting your vote for Donald Trump offers at least the hope of a renewed American future and the return of government of the people, by the people and for the people.