What??? California’s Liberal Governor Gavin Newsom Praises Trump: “We Had a Long Conversation and Every Single Thing He Said They Followed Through On”

Every once in a while a ray of truth breaks through from a liberal Democrat.  California’s ultra left wing governor, Gavin Newsom had one of those moments yesterday.

“And he [President Trump] said everything I would have hoped for. And we had a very long conversation, and every single thing he said they followed through on…

“So I’m just not interested in finding daylight [between the president and me] on those statements because every single thing his administration – and it starts at the top, including the vice president – has been consistent… in a way that does justice to the spirit that defines the best of our country and the state of California.”

Now to pile on because… because we can.

Here’s the heroine of the left bragging about her handling of the SARS outbreak.

One problem, Hillary.  The SARS epidemic occurred from 2002-2004. 

Sorry Killery but you weren’t Secretary of State until 2009.