Well That Didn’t Take Long: Turkish Ceasefire Proves President Trump and his Supporters Are Smarter Than 354 House Members

Not only is President Trump still winning, he’s doing it in record time.

Yesterday, at slightly past 1:00pm, President Trump calmly explained the conditions on the ground along the Turkish border that had led him to the decision to withdraw the few remaining troops we had stationed there. 

Less than an hour-and-a-half later, by 2:30pm Nancy Pelosi had called for a vote to rebuke President Trump’s decision.  House rules be damned.

When the dust cleared, the resolution to rebuke President Trump passed 354-60.  

One-hundred and twenty-nine Republicans, likely with ties to defense contractors or hoping to have ties with defense contractors, joined with every Democrat in rebuking President Trump.  Brave defenders of freedom… with other people’s lives.

Those Republicans voting against Trump and with Pelosi included the entire Republican House leadership team.  When will they learn that Trump is a transformational president?

Following the vote, President Trump hosted House leadership at the White House where he let them know that the days of America’s military adventurism in the interest of nation building were over.

This didn’t sit well with Democrat leadership who have promises to keep with their corporate sponsors.

That’s when Nancy Pelosi reportedly went into a rant and stormed out with other top Dem leaders in tow.

For House Democrats, and those 129 turncoat Republicans, things went from bad to worse from there.

Earlier in the day, Trump had sent a letter to Turkish President Reyycip Erdogan that became public as the day waned.

He warned Erdogan “Don’t be a tough guy.”  He advised the Turkish president that “I don’t want to be responsible for destroying the Turkish economy.”

Naturally, Trump’s letter was characterized with the usual snide headlines.  Vanity Fair: “Is this real? Trump sends third-grade reading-level letter to Erdogan. 

Remember the Trump Doctrine – Economic Security is National Security.

By the time the letter circulated, Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had been summoned to Ankara by Erdogan.  And around 6:00am this morning their plane set down on Turkish soil.

And then, by 1:30pm, less 24 hours after this whole dustup started, Trump made this announcement:

All those bought and paid for, er, seasoned politicians have a lot of explaining to do.