Welcome to the New Democrat Controlled Congress: Lawmaker Threatens to Nuke U.S. Citizens

If you think the new Democratic Party is anything but unhinged, ignorant, hateful, and violent, then you haven’t been paying attention.  

When newly elected Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez was asked how she would fund her grandiose plan for a massive expansion of Medicare that would require an estimated $32.6 Trillion over the next ten years she answered “you just pay for it.”

Ocasio-Cortez is apparently unaware that her plan would quadruple the current annual deficit – something the rest of her Democrat colleagues told us they were unhappy with under President Trump.

Ocasio-Cortez upset long time Democrat Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary.

Her level of fiscal irresponsibility should scare everyone.  Regardless, party leaders welcomed her with open arms and hailed her as the new face of the party.

Then there’s entrenched California Congressman Eric Swalwell who proposed spending $15 Billion to buy back “military-style semi automatic assault weapons” after they are made illegal because otherwise his legislation would be toothless and “would leave millions of assault weapons in our communities for decades to come.”

That news led former NYPD member and Newsmax host Jon Cardillo to tweet:

That set in motion a series of tweets that eventually outed Swalwell as a radical who would eradicate tens of millions of Americans to achieve his goal.

Biggs is a military veteran who has earned his right to his weapons after seeing the excesses of government up close.

Frankly, Biggs speaks for millions of Americans, including this writer.  

That didn’t stop Swalwell from making this assinine, ignorant and irresponsible threat of violence in response to Biggs:

Here’s the screen capture in case the Democrat congressman realizes his stupidity and backtracks:

This brings a whole new meaning to Hillary Clinton’s scorched earth threat.

Maybe Mr. Swalwell, who at one time was a member of the Homeland Security Committee and currently serves on the House Judiciary Committee, can explain both the legal premise behind his threat and how he plans the logistical deployment of  nukes against his political enemies without taking out everyone around them?

What can a sitting member of congress be thinking when he threatens to use nukes against the citizens of the country that he represents?  Either he knows that it’s logistically impossible to target individuals with nukes or he’s a complete moron. Either way he’s a flamethrowing jackwat.

As Jews increasingly experience the rise in anti-Semitic hate in this country I’m sure their forbearers in 1930’s Germany would’ve embraced having semi automatic weapons to protect themselves from another political party that thought nothing of killing its own citizens to advance its agenda.

This raises the question for voters who handed control over to the Democrats; WTF were you expecting?

They ran on open borders, abolishing ICE, severely limiting law enforcement’s ability to protect us, higher taxes, and openly stated their disdain for white men and their wives.  Democrats openly let on that they were more concerned about non-citizens than actual citizens.

You thought they were interested in protecting your rights?