Week 7: NFL Stadiums Beginning to Resemble Morgues

Elder Patriot – It’s time that I admit NFL owners have earned my admiration.  After all, they are willing to die for their beliefs… or at least for the beliefs of the multi-millionaire “slaves” that they pay to play a game.

In their support of the increasingly unpopular and polarizing weekly taking of a knee during the playing of our national anthem the entire league has managed to alienate the majority of Americans.

A poll released three weeks ago found that the NFL had lost 31% of its core fans because of the owners’ acceptance of the players’ misguided virtue signaling.

By the end of September, following weeks of kneeling, the NFL’s favorable rating had dropped from 57 percent to 44 percent, and it had earned the highest unfavorable rating — 40 percent — of any big sport, according to the Winston Group survey.

Over the past month it has only gotten worse.

The league continues driving their core fans, men 35-54, further and further away.

The pictures emerging from today’s 1 o’clock games show owners facing billions in lost revenue if they keep up their childish antics.  The players have plenty of opportunity to protest using any number of 24/7 mainstream media outlets including ESPN, CNN, and MSNBC. 

The league also has the financial clout to air their own programming on national TV if they choose to.  That would be less expensive than the damage that’s being done to their bottom line that’s happening by allowing these protests.

Our national anthem is a two-plus minute show of respect we reserve for those who have sacrificed so much so that we might watch men play games on Sundays.

Take a look at pictures from around the league taken at each game’s opening kick-off this week – week 7 of the season:

These photos confirm the slew of polls showing just how damaging the protests have been to league.

The Week reported:

“Just three weeks ago, about 60 percent of both Democrats and Republicans said they viewed the NFL favorably, a daily tracking poll from Morning Consult found. Then President Trump stepped in.

“After the president told NFL owners to fire players who kneeled during the national anthem, more and more players did the opposite of what Trump wanted. Now, Trump voters have flipped their allegiances: More than 60 percent view the NFL unfavorably, up from around 30 percent in September. Meanwhile, analysis from The New York Times shows Hillary Clinton voters’ views remain relatively unchanged.”

Making matters worse for the NFL are the respondents who are leaving the sport in droves are the leagues most ardent fans.  Liberals have always derided the sport as too violent and, when they do watch, tend to be more casually involved.

The returns from this week will have to give owners pause to reconsider just how important the recalcitrant players are.    The league attracted more fans when they used replacement players during the players’ strike years ago. 

That was with a total payroll that was just a fraction of what is paid to each team’s highest paid player today.

The big question is why the NFL owners would continue to employ anyone who intentionally devalues the value of their investment?  It is established Supreme Court law that employers have the right to limit speech in the workplace.

Clearly, NFL owners have made a decision based on their commitment to the politics involved.  For this they should be applauded even as their business sense is being questioned.