Watch This Video And Decide For Yourself What Type of Party Would Select This Stammering, Stuttering Dingbat to be its Leader

Elder Patriot – Nancy Pelosi continues on as House Minority Leader despite the fact she hasn’t strung two coherent sentences together since prior to her last election.

This was never more obvious than when she walked into friendly territory at the CNN studios to sit for an interview with Chris Cuomo in an effort to explain the Democrats’ reasons for objecting to the release of the four-page FISC memo.  The memo outlines FBI and DOJ abuses committed under the direction of the Obama administration to aid Hillary Clinton’s electoral chances.

During the interview Pelosi deteriorated into a bumbling, stumbling incoherent mess.  This really is nine minutes that you should watch if for no other reason than this is who House Democrats have chosen to be their leader.

Yeah, I should’ve warned you that it would be hard to take.  But this is what happens when dementia and illogic cross paths.

Pelosi insists that the memo threatens national security but the memo, according to those who wrote it, focuses on FBI and DOJ abuses in defrauding the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to secure a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign and the FBI’s deliberate tanking of the Clinton email investigation.

The only threat to national security that exists in this equation remains the FBI and DOJ holdovers that are still working to unseat President Trump.

At one point Cuomo challenged Pelosi’s assertion that the men and women inside the FBI and DOJ don’t want the memo released.

Cuomo: Christopher Wray, the Director of the FBI got the memo.  He could’ve come out and said this is reckless do not release it.

Pelosi: [incoherent search for words] Let me just say this with all due respect; you really don’t know what you’re talking about right now.

Cuomo: But did Christopher Wray look at it or not?

Pelosi: I can’t say whether he did or he did not.

Pelosi was either flat out lying at that point or she was unaware of the news that had been buzzing all afternoon that Wray reviewed the memo on Monday night and fired FBI Assistant Deputy Director Andrew McCabe when he got to the office on Tuesday morning.

Pelosi and the Democrats’ problem isn’t that Chris Cuomo doesn’t know what he’s taking about. 

Their problem is that within a week Americans are going to know what Pelosi is desperate to hide from us – that there was a great left wing conspiracy at the very highest levels of the Democratic Party, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and that included John Brennan, Susan Rice and James Clapper.

Perhaps that is the reason she’s a stuttering, stammering mess.