Watch POTUS’ Epic Response to Snarky Reporter

I grew up in a generation that didn’t expect the government to protect us from each other in instances when we were capable of protecting ourselves.  

We expected to protect ourselves… the government was not our nanny.

Maybe that’s why this exchange between a snarky member of the press pool and President Trump tickled me so.

President Trump held a primetime presser last night from Bedminster, NJ where an epic exchange took place.

A member of the press pool complained to the president that the room was not following NJ rules on social distancing.  The president’s response, and the laughter and applause from those in attendance immediately after, shouldn’t be missed…

Reporter: “Just in this room you have dozens of people.  You’re not following the guidelines in New Jersey…”

Booing ensued until the president’s retort…

President Trump: “You’re wrong on that because it’s a political activity.  They have exceptions for political activity.  And, it’s also a peaceful protest…”

Laughter and applause

Frankly, if the reporter is truly concerned for his well being, why doesn’t he follow the lead of a number of pro athletes and “opt out.”