WAT!!! “I’m a Moderate” Doug Jones Concedes Defeat – Campaigns With Radical Leftist Cory Booker

Elder Patriot – It appears that Democrat senate candidate Doug Jones has been told that he has no path to victory in Tuesday’s special election to fill Jeff Sessions vacated seat.

Why else would he bring far-left unaccomplished senator and failed mayor of Newark New Jersey, Cory Booker, to Alabama to campaign with him?  Booker is a virtual clone of former president Barack Obama – short on experience and long on Marxist ideology and invoking racist vitriol.

That characterization of Booker is not even close to being hyperbolic.  When President Trump nominated Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General the intellectually dishonest Booker took to the well of the Senate to smear the president’s nominee by rewriting history.

Sessions was in the midst of his fourth term representing Alabama in the Senate.  He was so popular that the Dems didn’t run a candidate against him. 

The Democrats had good reason not to.

While a U.S. attorney from Alabama, Sessions compiled an impressive record, especially when it came to defending blacks from racism.  Sessions led the fight to desegregate Alabama’s schools.  He also insisted on keeping the trial of the Ku Klux Klan member who killed a random black teenager in the Alabama courts because he was intent on seeking the death penalty, a punishment the federal law didn’t call for. 

Later, as Alabama’s Attorney General he oversaw the execution of that Klansman and then successfully prosecuted the case against the KKK that yielded a $7 Million civil judgment that effectively bankrupted and ended the hate group’s reign down in Alabama.

Frankly, Sessions did more for blacks than so-called civil rights icons John Conyers and John Lewis who have made a career out of a single march they took part in and whose constituents are no better off than when they were elected decades ago.  The same is true of race-baiters like Maxine Waters.

None of that gave Booker pause when he attacked Sessions for being a racist on the floor of the Senate during his confirmation hearing.

Booker had the gall to deny history during his attack on his fellow senator.  “Senator Sessions has not demonstrated a commitment to a central requirement of the job – to aggressively pursue the congressional mandate of civil rights, equal rights, and justice for all.”

Despite the fact that the coastal elite justify clinging to their failed ideologies by convincing themselves that people living south of the Mason-Dixon line are racist hicks that’s simply not provable. 

For Doug Jones to try and win a Senate seat in Alabama by campaigning with a man who recently resorted to telling them they are would be the height of stupidity.

So what gives? 

After all, haven’t the Democrats gone full in on sanctioning the very actions that they have accused Jones’ opponent of?  If Jones’ opponent and next senator from Alabama, Roy Moore, put on a wig and trolled these same girls he’s accused of trolling in the mall’s restrooms rather than in the food court, Jones and the Dems would be solidly protecting him.

Booker’s tweets last night tipped the Dems’ reasons for jettisoning Al Franken and John Conyers who were no more guilty than the other 264 predators walking the halls of the Capitol and who used a secret fund to hide their sexual indiscretions. 

The party of late-term abortion and selling baby parts now desperately tries to convince us that they’re the ones standing on the moral high ground because Americans have rejected their policies in overwhelming numbers,

By conflating the allegations against Roy Moore with the equally unproven allegations against President Trump it’s apparent that Democrats have thrown in the towel on winning Alabama and have decided on making this race ground zero for weaponizing normal human interaction in future races, even as their party’s platform calls for fighting for the rights of the sexually perverse and he normalization of pedophilia.