WAT? Drug Therapy Touted By President Trump Weeks Ago Now Approved By FDA

Remember when the mainstream media simultaneously savaged President Trump for offering Americans no hope and false hope after he discussed some promising, though preliminary, findings for the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine in fighting COVID-19, the virus sent to us by communist China?

The dustup began after a communist/Democrat operative masquerading as a reporter posed that question to President Trump immediately after the president had spent five minutes touting the potential drug therapy and stating his optimism about America’s resolve during this man-made crisis.  

President Trump had reason to be optimistic because, unlike the dolt the communist/Democrat aligned media portrays President Trump as, he really is an engaged listener with the ability to process massive amounts of data:  

“[President Trump’s] ability to analyze and integrate data that comes out of his long history in business has really been a real benefit during these discussions about medical issues, because in the end data is data and he understands the importance of the granularity…”

President Trump had poured over and analyzed the available scientific data and realized that the malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, had shown promising results in fighting COVID-19.  

While there weren’t enough scientific trials to attain the FDA’s approval, hydroxychloroquine had been an accepted and safe drug for the treatment of malaria for more than two decades.

If it had already proven to be safe, and there was reason for hope, President Trump thought why not administer it to those who asked for it?  “What do we have to lose?”

(Politico) The Food and Drug Administration on Sunday issued an emergency use authorization for hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, decades-old malaria drugs championed by President Donald Trump for coronavirus treatment…

… “Scientists in America and around the world have identified multiple potential therapeutics for COVID19, including chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine,” HHS Secretary Alex Azar tweeted on Sunday night, praising Trump and the EUA.

Renowned French epidemiologist Dr. Didier Raoult had administered hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to 80 patients diagnosed with coronavirus and observed improvement in EVERY CASE except for a very sick 86-year-old with an advanced form of infection.