WAT!!! CNN Legal Analyst Finally Says This Amazing Thing About President Trump

Elder Patriot – Paul Callan is a former New York homicide prosecutor and is currently on the staff of Edelman and Edelman PC, a New York based law firm that focuses on wrongful conviction and civil rights cases.

He also serves as a CNN legal analyst.

Callan has been watching the events surrounding the FBI’s Russia probe since the beginning and he’s seen enough to break with CNN’s party line conflation that has relied on meager evidence to declare that Trump is a Russian agent.

The president has grown so weary of the unjust attacks against him that he has turned his venom on the leadership at the FBI who he has been claiming for some time are conducting a “witch-hunt” against him solely for political purposes.

Now Callan has decided he can no longer be party to the 24/7 savaging of President Trump over Russia that has dominated CNN’s daily programming and the network’s claim that Trump is damaging the institutions of our democracy when he attacks the integrity of those running the FBI.

Callan is not a fan of the president’s so that makes his admission that Trump is right about the FBI all that more significant:

“The ferocity of President Donald Trump’s recent attacks on the integrity of the FBI has sent shock waves through an agency accustomed to public adulation in recent years. Sadly, much of the presidential criticism of the bureau may be entirely legitimate.”


“When news of the text messages between Strzok and Page came to light against the backdrop of claimed McCabe improprieties, it became harder to just dismiss all of Trump’s FBI conspiracy claims as delusional — though many of his critics do. 

“Strzok was one of the FBI’s top counterintelligence agents supervising the investigation of Clinton’s controversial email problems. He subsequently joined Robert Mueller’s Trump/Russia investigation, and the question lingers as to why his obvious anti-Trump prejudice was not uncovered in his job interview for the position with Mueller.

“Why didn’t McCabe warn Mueller of Strzok’s likely bias, which he should have known from his own day-to-day conversations with Page and Strzok at FBI headquarters? Page reportedly worked for McCabe, who certainly also had frequent contact with Strzok — again, the FBI’s No. 2 counterintelligence agent.”


“Strzok was the FBI agent who changed the language used by former Director Comey in his controversial July 5, 2016, public statement clearing Clinton of criminal charges regarding her handling of classified materials. Strzok changed the final draft wording of Comey’s statement from “grossly negligent” (which is commonly used in criminal cases) to the softer, non-criminal “extremely careless” wording. 

“Trump supporters would point to this as evidence that Strzok, the FBI’s No. 2 counterintelligence agent, appears to be executing a plan within the FBI to clear Clinton and then destroy Trump’s candidacy with the Russia investigation.

“Causing further headaches for FBI brass, we now know that Deputy Director McCabe’s wife, Jill McCabe, an unsuccessful Democratic 2015 candidate for the state senate in Virginia, had received approximately $700,000 in campaign contributions from then-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political action committee and the state’s Democratic Party.”


McAuliffe had been the campaign chairman of Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and has been described by onlookers as being “as close as family” to the Clintons.

While McCabe’s wife certainly has a right to run for office, her acceptance of hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from sources with clear links to the Clintons was a red-flag warning that should have caused McCabe to recuse himself from any involvement in any Trump/Hillary related investigations. 


“While I rarely agree with much of what the President does or says regarding legal issues, this time he’s got it right. The FBI’s reputation has been severely damaged not by the President’s criticism but by a systematic failure of the bureau’s leadership. 

“The field agents of the FBI should still retain the trust of the American people. Their honor and dignity has not been compromised; but the bureau’s leadership ranks require a prompt and thorough house cleaning by the new director, Christopher Wray. The bureau’s leadership has forfeited the reputation of a cherished American institution.”

Imagine that, a CNN contributor agreeing with President Trump the:

the bureau’s leadership ranks require a prompt and thorough house cleaning by the new director, Christopher Wray. The bureau’s leadership has forfeited the reputation of a cherished American institution.”

What took them so long?