Washington’s Secret: Joe Biden’s “Weinstein Level” Groping

Elder Patriot – Former Vice President and wannabe 2020 presidential candidate, Joe Biden, has a history of inappropriate touching of young women, very young women. 

Everyone in Washington is aware of it but no one has said a word about it publicly.  Not even the suddenly virtuous mainstream media.

A former Secret Service agent assigned to protect the VP characterized Biden’s depraved sexual advances as “Weinstein Level” impropriety.

Even female Secret Service agents had to be protected from him and his penchant for walking around the Vice President’s residence stark naked at night only added to the legend of creepy Joe.

Biden’s perversion led to the suspension of a Secret Service agent who objected too vociferously when the VP cupped his girlfriend’s breast during a photo in 2009.

The retired agent also recalled the need to cancel a Christmas party at the VP’s residence when guests cancelled “because Biden would grope all of our wives’ and girlfriends’ asses.”

But, creepy uncle Joe didn’t limit his inappropriate touching to legally adult women.  Not by a long shot.  The following video contains a compilation of creepy Joe in action:

The video proves that anyone who tells you they didn’t know what was going on is lying.  The video compilation that came from C-SPAN’s files shows Jeff Sessions swatting the hand of Biden away from his granddaughter when the VP begins moving in.  It’s clear that Sessions was prepared for Biden’s advances and reacted as discretely as possible.

So, while the mainstream media throws the politically spent Clintons overboard 25 years too late, they are still protecting someone they consider remains politically viable.