WaPo Attacks Huckabee Sanders For Her Faith – Her Perfect Response Made Christians Cheer

Elder Patriot – Earlier this week the Washington Post continued their scorched earth approach to destroying everything and everyone who supports Presidential Donald Trump when they ran an article titled, How Sarah Huckabee sees the world.

Five of the first six paragraphs of the Post’s profile of her use the terms Southern Baptist, Christians, and religious conservatives to describe her.  The Post never uses terms like atheists, nonbelievers, pagans, infidels, or any other terms to describe the foundational beliefs of the left-wingers they defend regardless of their indiscretions or failed policies.

In a supposedly serious analysis of Huckabee Sander the Post even resorted to referencing a Saturday Night Livespoof of her on its season opener the weekend before last, with faux Sanders telling President Trump that her success lies in the fact that “I’m no-nonsense, but I’m all nonsense.”

The Post then suggests that perhaps evangelical women have no place in politics:

“Since she assumed the job of press secretary in July, Sanders has triggered discussions about, among other things, the place of religious conservative women in power politics (she’s the first mom in that job, and just the third woman), and whether her presence helps or hurts the evangelical witness.”

The Post didn’t stop with criticizing Huckabee Sanders and President Trump.  They had to go after evangelicals living in the heartland in what is a clear attempt to separate them from those giving voice to them:

“When she was appointed, many anti-abortion leaders from big groups such as the Susan B. Anthony List and Concerned Women for America celebrated — even as evangelicals in the heartland would be likely to raise eyebrows about a mother of young children taking such a high-powered, round-the-clock job.

Really?  What hypocrisy.  It’s clear that the Post doesn’t want religious conservatives anywhere near government but they feel especially threatened by women who hold those beliefs. 

That is why they unmercifully attacked Sarah Palin when she was running for vice president.  For the same reasons they were ruthless in trying to deny Clarence Thomas’ Supreme Court confirmation.

The Left – and the WaPo is the most strident propaganda arm of the Left – cannot abide the risk of fracturing their delicate coalition of ethnic and gender groups if those people ever start thinking as Americans rather than remaining convinced they are somehow victims.

That is exactly what Ms. Sanders said in her epic response that would heal our divisions instead of dousing them with gasoline, as the atheist left seems to do with glee:

“If someone says something about another faith, particularly liberals come to their defense in a raging motion, but if someone attacks a Christian, it’s perfectly fine. At some point, we became a culture that said that was okay.

“As a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model. And when I’m asked that question, I point to God. I point to my faith. And that’s where I always tell my kids to look.”