In Wake of Brexit Merkel Calls For Creation of Giant Superstate

ELDER PATRIOT – German leadership has never been shy about their ambitions to dominate Europe.  World Wars I and II will forever stand as stark reminders of their national psyche.  Now, as the Brexit vote threatens to disintegrate the current German strategy for dominance over the shared continent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has decided to follow in the footsteps of her predecessors and go big or go home.

She has ordered German politician Elmar Brok who serves as the foreign affairs chief for the European Union to urge the trading bloc to create their own army.

This is what the siren’s call of a free trade agreement has morphed into.  For the free box of chocolates that they were given member nations are now expected to bend over and grab their ankles as the foreign ministers of France and Germany are preparing their blueprint for doing away with the sovereignty of member states.  The plan is being characterized as an ultimatum.  Foolishly, France’s President Francois Hollande believes he can trust the Germans.  He would be wise to research how that turned out for Britain’s Neville Chamberlain prior to WW II.

Early reporting is that under the proposed Superstate member states will no longer be able to maintain their own armies, criminal laws, tax systems or central banks.  They are also being told that they will be required to cede control of their borders to Brussels where all immigration policies will be decided.

The Visegrad, composed of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, will hear the plan for complete unification later today when it will be presented to them by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  These are the countries conquered by Hitler’s Third Reich during the run-up to World War II.

The other EU member nations are divided along every conceivable fault line with calls for everything from a common budget to going all in to building the common army to following Britain’s decision to leave the union.

You would think that with Britain’s vote to exit the EU calmer heads would prevail and a poll done of its members to determine ways to improve the alliance to better serve all of them rather than the unelected bureaucrats, dominated by Germany, who run things from Brussels.

Everywhere you turn, Germany’s fingerprints are all over this attempted takeover of the European continent, a conquest they have been wont to do for the past century.

German leadership is not stupid and they have obviously prepared themselves for the dissolution of the EU.  One wonders what their Plan B is?  Will it be a renewed relationship with Russia and/or China?  It must be remembered that Merkel is from East Germany that was under Russian control during her younger years.

Once again Europe is in turmoil and once again German leadership is the primary reason why.