VP Debate: Kaine Wreck

ELDER PATRIOT –  Any questions about the type of people Hillary Clinton will be surrounding herself with if she were to be elected president was put to rest by the performance of the man she chose as her running mate during last night’s vice presidential debate.  There is no other way to say it, Ex-Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was obnoxious and served to highlight the charges against Mrs. Clinton that she harbors disdain for average Americans. 

Kaine interrupted Donald Trump’s VP choice Mike Pence seventy times according to the official count.  To viewers it seemed like 700. 

What made it doubly worse were the insipid comments, mischaracterizations, and flat-out lies that Kaine spewed each time he stepped on Pence’s time.  It was a performance, in both substance and temperament, that would’ve earned a failing grade from even the most liberal of high school debate coaches.  For an aspiring vice presidential candidate and, more importantly, for the presidential aspirant who chose him, it was a train wreck.

Kaine had two jobs last night, attack Donald Trump on the issues and, at the same time, look presidential enough to comfort people that should he be called on to assume the role of Commander in Chief he would be qualified and acceptable.

The ex-Virginia governor embarrassed himself when attacking Trump due to the hyperbolic nature of his obviously “canned” comments that too often sounded like he was reciting them from a debate prep white paper posted in the back of his head.

But, what made Kaine’s performance especially troubling is the reality of Mrs. Clinton’s health concerns.  Because of his reliance on pre-determined talking points he came off as a buffoon who is totally unprepared to handle the job of president.  In fact, his performance was so bad that it might’ve erased the memory of Donald Trump’s sub-par performance in the first president debate last week.  Yes, Kaine was that bad last night.

If this is representative of the mindless attack-minded people Mrs. Clinton will appoint to her cabinet and to run the various departments of government, Mrs. Clinton last night proved she is preparing to surround herself with the same people who have taken us down the failed policy path that has been the hallmark of the past sixteen years since her election to Senator.      

Vice presidential debates are said to rarely move the needle but Tim Kaine’s performance was so abysmal that it became clear to voters that Mrs. Clinton failed to pass her first test last night.  What is likely to be that ailing candidate’s single most important appointment proved to be a complete failure when he was given the national stage. 

It was so bad that almost every online poll was cancelled rather than provide more fodder proving voters disapproved of Mrs. Clinton’s attack dog selection.  At a time when Americans are being warned that their jobs will be turned over to robots, Kaine’s scripted performance left me wondering who would reprogram him in the event he was to become president.

Conversely, the measured performance of Donald Trump’s choice, Mike Pence, in what again became a debate of two against one, should give voters confidence that Mr. Trump is serious about surrounding himself with the most qualified people, of proper temperament, that America has to offer.