A Vote For Any Democrat is a Vote to Appoint Maxine Waters to End MAGA Economy

Elder Patriot – Early this morning the government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released by far the best employment report in more than a decade.  With growth across every single sector, this includes many new jobs on which a family can be sustained.

For some unfathomable reason, Democrats are promising to dismantle our fantastic economy.  According to them, if President Trump is responsible for even a small sliver of the booming job market – record low unemployment across every demographic and 3.1% wage growth – it has to be reversed.

Listen to Maxine Waters who, if Democrats retake control of the House, is in line to become the Chairwoman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee:

In this video following Hurricane Katrina, Mad Max is seen threatening to nationalize American oil companies in response to an honest answer about pricing to Shell Oil President John Hofmeister.

For those who don’t pay attention, under President Trump the United States has become the world’s leading crude oil producer.  This has brought high-paying jobs and energy independence to our country.  We’ll have more about the importance of this in just a bit.

The Democrats can appeal to ignorant voters with claims that socializing, or nationalizing, certain industries would protect some imaginary birthright but it hasn’t,  and history teaches us that it never has.

Look at the massive increase in costs that the so-called Affordable Healthcare Act has already burdened Americans with:

Now, Dems are prepared to put Mad Max in position to turn her misguided rhetoric targeting Big Oil into policy.  Keep in mind the existing economic boom, as you listen to Mad Max from just the other day:

“I’m going to do to you what you did to us.”

Mad Max’s 5-minute diatribe seems more like a stream of consciousness of an economic illiterate but that is who the Democrats have chosen to put in this important position.

Now let’s turn back to Big Oil and imagine what could happen if Mad Max does keep her promise to nationalize the oil industry:

Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America.  CNN reports that today:

Venezuela is running out of food. Hospitals are overcrowded with sick children while doctors don’t have enough medicine or X-ray machines. Electricity isn’t guaranteed.

About the only thing Venezuela has in abundance is chaos.

Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America. Here’s how it fell apart.

The country turned toward socialism in 1999 and elected Hugo Chavez president.

The biggest question facing potential Democratic voters is whether they are so vested in believing their corrupt party leaders – no matter how unqualified and vengeful their rhetoric makes them sound – or if they can put aside their ill-founded hatred long enough to vote for their friends, family, and neighbors’ economic well-being?

Mad Max and her Democratic colleagues are incapable of doing to us what President Trump has done for Democrats and Republicans, alike.  If they had been Obama would’ve done it.