Viral Video: Thirteen-Year Old Challenges NFL Kneelers

While highly paid pundits and political commenters argue over the rights of NFL players kneeling during the national anthem it takes one clear-thinking adolescent to put it all in perspective:

It only takes 79 seconds for thirteen-year old Cole McCafferty to challenge the players’ assertions that they are acting on their deep convictions and that any attempt to ask them to stand during the anthem will be proof that they’re nothing more than high-priced slaves.

“The soldiers who have gone and fought and died for this flag have shown their conviction by giving their life.  NFL players say they kneel for our flag to show their conviction. 

“NFL players, I present this challenge to you.  If and when the rules are changes, and you are required to stand for this flag show the same conviction that our soldiers have shown and paid the ultimate sacrifice for. 


Of course by quitting these players will also put the lie to their claims of being slaves.  Slaves never had the right to quit.