Video Proof: LGBTQ Organizer Admits He Has No Reason to Protest Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – Last night Tucker Carlson devoted almost six minutes of his show to the organizer of a gay protest asking him to answer just a single question, “What’s the point of it?”

The protestor never answered, choosing instead to focus on the successful divisiveness the protests were having on America. 

Carlson asked him numerous times what, specifically, Donald Trump had done or talked about doing to impact the LGBTQ community that frightened him.  He never answered that question returning each time Carlson asked it to discussing the power of the protests as though the protests alone were his raison d’etre.

He did take exception when Carlson referred to him as a gay man but withdrew his objection when Tucker reminded him that he had introduced himself as a gay man.

Whatever happened to speaking truth to power? 

This has been playing out in interview after interview that these vapid protest leaders have been giving since the November election.

You would think that as President Trump’s approval ratings climb higher these geniuses would get the message that they are only helping him.  Each time they repeat their empty hyperbolic claims they are making it clearer to reasonable observers that their protests are nothing more than gatherings of Lenin’s useful idiots.

Until they can articulate with specific details just how their freedoms or rights are being challenged by his administration or by something the president says, the rest of us have every right, in fact we have an obligation to view them with increasing skepticism.  As they continue discrediting themselves and their movements ever increasing numbers of their fellow citizens are being driven to Trump’s America First agenda.