Veil of Racism Lifts: NY Times Hires Full-Blown Racist Editor At Same Time Trump Meets With Inner City Pastors

Elder Patriot – The New York Times announced the hiring of Sarah Jeong, an avowed racist, to its editorial board today.  This further fuels speculation that they are part of the larger establishment cabal intent on dividing Americans in the ongoing effort to undermine the Trump presidency.

The Times defended the hiring of Jeong in this statement:

A review of Jeong’s past tweets should’ve resulted in an immediate disqualification:

Jeong exposed her bias against whites in dozens of similar tweets.  And so did the New York Times when they hired her.  

It wasn’t long ago that the Times smeared then-candidate Donald Trump after David Duke endorsed him.  In a totally one-sided hit piece the Times didn’t see fit to mention the generosity Trump had extended towards Jesse Jackson and his fledgling Rainbow Coalition when Jackson had approached him for help:

Even though Trump repeatedly disavowed Duke’s endorsement, and Duke never was employed by Donald Trump, that didn’t stop the Times from impugning the future president.

This is what made yesterday so revealing.

While the Times was occupied with bolstering its team of divisive race-baiting globalists, President Trump was hosting a roundtable discussion with several inner city pastors and faith-based leaders to discuss the Administration’s’ efforts on prison reform and other policy initiatives to improve inner cities.

The contrast between the Times actions and President Trump yesterday was so pronounced that it completely destroys any claims the Times may have had to moral superiority.

The divisive narrative being pushed by the mainstream media is crumbling under the force of America’s first pro-American – every American – president since Ronald Reagan.  

Today, Rasmussen released a poll that shows Donald Trump has overcome the blistering assault from the mainstream media that began from the moment he announced his candidacy.

In what can only stand as a testament to our steel spined president, Trump passed 50% approval.  

Today also marks a turning point.  The people are no longer beholden to the mainstream media to tell them how to think.