What the Useful Idiots in the NFL Don’t Understand About Sacrifice

Why is it that the spoiled, self-centered, athletes in the NFL don’t understand what the vast majority of Americans find so easy to grasp?

The national anthem and the presentation of the colors is a few minutes we reserve each week to pay homage to those forgotten heroes who sacrificed everything so that we might enjoy the freedoms that we do.  That includes the protection afforded to these overpaid, myopic and egocentric athletes so that they can play games for a living.   

This is what taking a knee looks like:

There is simply no way to parse the message as the NFL players are now trying to do.  Jerry Jones made an ass of him self last night trying to do just that and the fans reigned down boos seldom, if ever, heard in A.T. & T Stadium.

Everyone who cares to knows that members of the military are apolitical.  They don’t get to choose when or where they are deployed or what their assignments may be. 

This is the kind of selflessness that protesting NFL players just don’t seem to understand or perhaps they just want to avoid admitting it now that they’ve been hauled to the woodshed by the public.

Why can’t they give these heroes their due for just a couple minutes each week? 

These protesters have network upon network where they can air their grievances.  ESPN, ESPN 2, CNN, and MSNBC are just four 24-hour outlets that would be willing to give them all the time they want.

Sadly, these self-righteous egomaniacs can’t cede the limelight for even 2 minutes so the guys who made all of this possible can be remembered posthumously.  Even when it comes to one of their own.