US Border Patrol Unite Takes Fire From Mexico

(CBP): August 9, 2019.  FRONTON, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol Agents patrolling the Rio Grande were shot at from the Mexican riverbank.

Early this morning, agents assigned to the Rio Grande City Station Marine Unit patrolling near Fronton, Texas, reported they were fired upon from the Mexican riverbank. Agents saw four subjects with automatic weapons who shot over 50 rounds at them. The boat was hit several times but no one on board was injured.

“Agents saw four subjects with automatic weapons who shot over 50 rounds at them.” 

Elder Patriot – The incident occurred despite the massive buildup of military force that Mexican President Lopez-Obarador has amassed along our southern border.  Or, perhaps, because of that buildup?

In late June 2019, American Military News reported that Mexico sent an estimated 15,000 troops to the U.S. border, ostensibly in an effort to control the flow of migrants to the U.S.:

“We have a total deployment, between the National Guard and army units, of 14,000, almost 15,000 men in the north of the country,” Mexico’s Secretary of Defense Luis Sandoval said at a joint press conference with Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, as reported by Agence France Press (AFP) on Monday.”

Because of his past refusal to help curb the flow of illegal immigrants and contraband across the border, it is probably fair to conclude that the Mexican president had no interest in securing the border but was only mollifying President Trump to avoid the placement of 25% tariffs on Mexican goods being sent to U.S. markets.

Regardless of Lopez-Obrador’s motivation, for the most part the Mexican troops have been doing a decent job of curtailing unlawful border crossings and, the flow of contraband and victims of human trafficking as well.

This success does not meet with the approval of the cartels who have massive amounts of money at stake.

This is big business.  You’ll recall that The New York Times reported that former Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto had taken a $100 million bribe from cartel kingpin El Chapo to maintain the status quo at our border.

That may sound unbelievable until you consider the scope of the business that’s being protected:

“At half a trillion dollars – $500 billion – that makes the cartel business and the drug traffic just in Mexico alone coming across to the United States bigger than Walmart, to put it in perspective. So this is larger than our largest companies.” – Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., at a hearing of the Senate international narcotics control caucus , June 11, 2019 

That’s a whole lotta of green until you realize that international drug trafficking is estimated to have surpassed $10 Trillion annually worldwide.

Even a trillion dollars in payoffs to corrupt officials would be chump change compared to the tax rates that legitimate corporations are forced to pay.  

That raises the question, given certain politicians’ intransigence on improving border security, whether El Chapo and/or other cartel leaders have bought their fealty, as well?

Patriot Crier will leave it to you to consider who those politicians might be

Were the shooters in this yesterday’s shooting paid agents of one, or more of the cartels; either infiltrators into the Mexican military or actual active military corrupted by money?

Or, was this an act of war under orders from their command?

A joint investigation between the U.S. and Mexico is underway to determine who was responsible for shooting.

Editor’s Note: We put “Mexicans” in parenthesis because we are unsure of the nationality of the assailants, but they opened fire from Mexico according to Border Patrol.