UNHINGED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Melts Down. Crybaby Charges Pelosi With Inciting Death Threats Against Her

Elder Patriot’s | As a native New Yorker, I’m humiliated for freshman congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  New Yorkers are known for their grit and toughness.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez doles out criticism of anyone and everyone on an hourly basis but as soon as it’s  time to work, or someone returns fire, she turns into a crybaby.

Most congressional representatives fight each other for plum committee assignments.  When Iowa Congressman Steve King was deemed guilty of making indelicate statements, party leaders stripped him of his committee assignments… all of them.  

Not so AOC.

Ocasio-Cortez is a firebrand first-year representative who is nothing if not a constant dispenser of indelicate statements.

Lately, though, Ocasio-Cortez’s targets have been firing back and the, supposedly hardened, New York Marxist is proving to be a wussy.

Yesterday, it was imprudent questioning of seasoned ICE director Thomas Homan by AOC that earned her a very public verbal bitch slapping from him.

On Wednesday, she complained about her committee assignments.  When every congressman and woman around her is clamoring for more of committee assignments, the poor child feels she’s being purposefully overworked. 

Seriously.  Ocasio-Cortez told an interviewer on WNYC’ New Yorker Hour; “I was assigned to some of the busiest committees and four subcommittees.”

“So my hands are full. And sometimes I wonder if they’re trying to keep me busy.”  She was referring to Speaker Pelosi.  Apparently all this work is cutting into her social media time.

And, what are the committees that are burning up her otherwise precious time?  That’s for you to guess at. Here’s a snapshot of Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez’s official congressional website:

And AOC’s whining keeps on coming.

Combine all of this with this statement from the whiny brat about the incredible opportunity Speaker Pelosi has presented her:

“It’s singling out four individuals, and knowing the media environment that we’re operating in, knowing the amount of death threats that we get, knowing the amount of concentration of attention I think it’s just worth asking why.”

Maybe she could ask Donald Trump how he copes.

If ya can’t stand the heat Ms. Ocasio-Cortez then here’s a solution even 8-year-old “mini AOC,” has thought of.  

Delete your freakin’ accounts, put your nose to the grindstone, and earn your salary.  $174,000 per year is almost three times the amount of the median family income in the U.S.  Earn it!

C’mon AOC, you’re giving New Yorkers a bad name.