Democrat Party Initiates Coup

ELDER PATRIOT – Senator Joe Manchin (D – WV) is the latest target of the Democratic Party’s radicalized leadership.  What was Manchin’s sin?  He’s dared to apply logic to his votes regarding President Trump’s cabinet picks – voting aye on most of them – and supporting the pullout from the Paris climate accord.  Comity, can you imagine that?

Manchin represents coal country and his constituents have been devastated by the Obama administration’s regulations that have severely shrunk the coal industry, destroyed jobs crippled they state’s economy.  For party leaders Tom Perez, Keith Ellison, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer any breaking of the ranks, no matter how important to the member’s constituents, must be met with swift punishment.

As a result Manchin is going to face a primary challenge from radical leftist Paula Swearengin.  Do not fool yourself, no one wages a primary challenge against a popular sitting senator without the urging of party elders, especially against someone who won he last election in 2012 by more than 24 points.

Swearengin is making hay over the fact that Manchin’s daughter is CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals that grossly overcharged for its EpiPen.

Manchin’s problem stems from accepting $127K in contributions from the company.  This has allowed Swearengin to crisscross the state claiming that, “We won’t be beholden to any special interests.”  This, of course, is not true if she is serious about running a competitive campaign.

As a radical environmental activist Swearengin already is beholden to special interests.  And, as the darling of the Democratic establishment she will be expected to vote for every special interest that they make a deal with. 

Expect the money to flow freely to her from George Soros, Tom Steyer, the Democratic Alliance and every other anti-America, left wing group.  She’ll be beholden to Black Lives Matter, the Sierra Club, La Raza, and every other radical organization that her money masters demand.

Incumbent politicians hate primary challenges because they can be left bloodied and their peccadillos exposed.  The also can be quite expensive.  All of this makes their general election campaign more difficult than it needs to be.

Leadership knows they have no chance of unseating the widely popular Manchin unless it’s to split the vote and hand the seat to Republicans.  Perhaps Manchin will decide to jump parties and become a Republican in which case he’ll will re-election by 40 points if Swearengin is his opponent.

Leadership knows this is a possibility, too.  They also know this is as stupid as shooting Seth Rich in the back, leaving his valuables on his body, and claiming it was a robbery. 

The only way this makes sense is if leadership is sending a message to every other Democrat that they should not go against the family.  If the do they can expect to be challenged or, where and when possible, redistricted out of office.

Senate Democrats are led by Chuck Schumer who expects them to vote for the globalist agenda, not to represent the needs of those who live in the state that voted them into office.

Everyone in Washington knew about Manchin’s daughter a long time ago.  That they announced a primary challenger and armed her with this information – you can almost guarantee there’s more to come – illustrates just how the swamp functions.

None of your sins matter unless you cross the family just like it is with every other criminal syndicate.