This is UNBELIEVABLE: Obama and Clinton Announce Plans to Destroy Democratic Party

ELDER PATRIOT – Remember when John Oliver begged Donald Trump to run for president?

“Do it!  Do it!  Look at me.  Do it!”

Well, Donald Trump did do it and he was elected president.  He was far from the most popular person to run for president so it’s logical to conclude the voters were content ignoring his “rough” edges to give him the opportunity to drain the swamp as he had promised throughout his campaign.

Trump was aided by the failed and indefensible policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s sordid and corrupt past.

So a New York tough guy beat the D.C. elites by being…well, a New York tough guy.

Since that time Democrats have unleashed a stream of leaks from Obama sycophants still in government employ along with vulgar tirades and violent protests by paid anarchists against Trump.  There have been judicial roadblocks to Trump’s constitutional Executive Orders, and a torrent of outright lies by their allies in the MSM. 

Then there are the Dems’ elected officials – from Congress to the Senate to the states houses that they still occupy to the sanctuary cities that would cease to have any political clout without their illegal populations – that have not only openly resisted any form of negotiation with the duly elected president, they have refused to enforce existing federal law in open resistance to not only Trump but to every past Congress and president before Trump who passed these laws.

As a result the Dems have sunk to their lowest approval ratings ever.

So, what do the Dems plan to do next, especially because their bench is thinner than gauze?  Let’s just say that their halftime adjustment makes the Atlanta Falcons’ halftime adjustments during last years’ Super Bowl look brilliant.

This week Obama announced he plans returns to the political fray to save the Democratic Party.

“Do it!  Do it!  Look at me.  Do it!”

Also during this past week, Hillary Clinton announced her plan to revive Clintonism in the 2018 Elections.

Do it!  Do it!  Look at me.  Do it!”

If we learned anything over the past two years it’S that voters will choose a loudmouth politically incorrect leader who tells them the unvarnished truth over aaffable politically correct leader who systematically destroyed our institutions of democracy and lied about it, and the woman who corrupted those institutions for her personal enrichment.

Now if Trump can figure out a way to lead establishment Republicans to destroy themselves he may actually be successful in returning the United States to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!