Unbelievable New Evidence: Trump Conspiracy Investigation Blows Wide Open – Swamp in Full Panic

ELDER PATRIOT – When Chuck Schumer told Rachel Maddow that President Trump would become a target of the intelligence community if he continued to challenge their claims, he spoke with a calm assuredness of someone who knew more than he was letting on.

Schumer: “Let me tell ya, you take on the intelligence community and they have six ways to Sunday at getting back at you.”

Schumer’s words eerily suggested someone who had every confidence that the intel community would mobilize against Trump.  How could Schumer be so certain unless he knew whom at least some of the heads of those agencies answered or were beholden to?

Now it’s an almost certainty that Schumer knew that Comey was an asset of the Clinton crime syndicate.

We’ve previously cited some of Comey’s decisions that left many seasoned prosecutors calling Comey a bad cop.  Back in October of 2017 former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova appeared on Varney and Company where he slammed then F.B.I. Director Comey.

DiGenova: “… he (Comey) threw the investigation.  That it was a fake investigation and proof [is] he never used a Grand Jury, issued no subpoenas, granted immunity agreements where none were justified and allowed destruction of evidence.”

“Wherever you go, for one reason only.”

What was the reason for Comey’s unexplainable behavior?  DiGenova was pointing his finger directly at Hillary Clinton as the person Comey was protecting.

At the time, DiGenova was basing his statement on Comey’s handling of two separate investigations that should’ve been considered together as part of a larger conspiracy into Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party and the MSM.

First he allowed Clinton to maintain control over her infamous private server for months after it should’ve been seized for evidence and then he allowed her attorneys to decide which emails would be turned over to F.B.I. investigators.  He didn’t even blink an eye when Mrs. Clinton’s legal team scrubbed the server before providing it to the F.B.I.’s forensic investigators.

Next Comey accepted the findings of a private company hired by the DNC, Crowdstrike, without demanding the F.B.I. conduct its own examination into the alleged hacking of the DNC and DCCC computers.  Essentially, Comey outsourced an investigation into cyber intrusions that threaten our national security.  And, as he did when he allowed Hillary’s lawyers to decide what evidence the F.B.I. would get to see, he took the word of a company whose principles have close ties to the Clintons.

Now, thanks to the work of investigative journalist Paul Sperry we know Comey not only stonewalled the prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her associates at the DNC and DCCC, he actively participated in a much wider conspiracy to defame candidate Trump by colluding with foreign interests.

Sperry has learned that the dubious intelligence dossier on Donald Trump that claimed Trump hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on his bed was the product of Fusion GPS.  Sperry has learned that Fusion GPS was the company that had been contracted by a Clinton donor to dig up dirt on Trump.  They proceeded to hire a long-retired British spy who gave them what they wanted even though there was no truth to it.

Here’s where the conspiracy widens

John McCain admitted he was the person who gave the dossier to the F.B.I. McCain willingly participated in passing false opposition research in an effort to discredit Trump and to help Hillary get elected.

McCain would only have done that if he is either a beneficiary of the Clinton crime syndicate or is being held hostage by it.  In any event McCain has proven to be nothing more than a denizen of the swamp.

That Comey accepted the discredited dossier as fact and offered further payments to the questionable source for additional information is beyond incredulous.  While dismissing a mountain of evidence against Hillary Clinton, Comey’s anxiousness to find something – anything – against Trump removes any doubt where his allegiance was.

Evidence is mounting that Barack Obama and his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, as well as other members of his administration helped protect Hillary Clinton, too, though there is not enough evidence as of yet to charge them as members of Clinton’s criminal enterprise.

Of course, these conspirators could never have never gotten away with any of this if CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post weren’t serving as the propaganda arm of the Clinton crime syndicate.

If these so-called mainstream news agencies provided their consumers with even a marginally more balanced account of Hillary’s crimes and how Comey corrupted the F.B.I. to protect her Trump would’ve won the presidency in a landslide. 

I can make that claim because Trump won despite only a relatively small number of websites exposing the truth.

Even here, the MSM led by CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, and The Washington Post led the charge in accusing us as manufacturers of fake news.  Why?  It’s because they realize all of their efforts to keep people in the dark would be for naught if even a little light of truth were shone and allowed to illuminate what the people knew.

Further proof of this comes as CNN has been forced to retract another Russian conspiracy theory story, this one intended to discredit Trump supporter Anthony Scaramuchi.

We all know why it made it to print.  CNN wanted you to believe every word of it and except for Breitbart’s investigative reporters that story would be being cited by MSNBC and circulated in the Times and the WaPo.  In response CNN is claiming to have launched an internal investigation into how this happened. 

At this point, CNN should be forced to answer for every fake Trump collusion story that they’ve run for the last year.  While they’re at it an investigation into every story blindly defending Hillary Clinton is also appropriate.

Simply, the fake news allegations leveled against any website that dared expose or question Hillary Clinton in any way were necessary to maintain the public’s belief in their false narratives.

Hillary Clinton once claimed that a broad right-wing conspiracy existed.  Mrs. Clinton had more than two decades to show us proof of that. Meanwhile there is enough evidence of a broad conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton and her criminal empire to keep at least a hundred Grand Juries occupied for many years.