UFC Fighters Give Glimpse of a Bygone American When Men Were Men and Not Browbeaten Soy Boys

There was a time in America when Hollywood’s biggest stars celebrated patriotism and spoke out against those who blindly followed the hypnotic mantra of leftists:

Unfortunately those voices have been largely muted by the misguided imposition of political correctness.  As I look back, my best coaches wouldn’t last three days in today’s snowflake world.

Patton would’ve been removed and sent for sensitivity training if the current of soy boys were under his command.

Regardless, that spirit lives on today and will continue to live on despite the current Feminazi attempts to eradicate “toxic masculinity.”

It lives on in shot-and-beer bars across the nation.  It’s what sustains our soldiers in foxholes, hellholes and ratholes as they defend others in the far corners of the globe.  It’s what allows families to survive in the worst, most crime-ridden communities here at home.

And, it lives on in the UFC, a place where no pussies will find a home.

Last night in Las Vegas, UFC 229 took place and the ultimate fighters stuck a finger in the eyes of snowflakes everywhere as they took their bows after winning.

That was Nik “The Carny” Lentz using his post fight interview “to give a shout out to his “homey” Brett Kavanaugh.  Way to go Special K!”

Then heavyweight Derrick “The Black Beast” Lewis KO’d Russian Alexander Volkov.  You have to listen to this but be forewarned, used earphones if little ones (or soy boys) are around.

Lewis lets it go during his post fight interview:

“a few hours before the fight Donald Trump called me and told me I gotta “knock this Russian Mother F*cker out because they makin’ him look bad on the news.  You know they make Putin sh*t fuck what they talkin’ ‘bout USA.”

There’s a reason the UFC enjoys massive popularity and it aint because they’re a bunch of candy asses.