U.S. Senator From NY Tied to NXIVM Sex Cult

Elder Patriot – Many sexually perverse and corrupt politicians are counting on the Deep State’s coup against President Trump to succeed lest they find themselves exposed, disgraced, and in prison.  That explains why they cling to their dying anti-Trump rhetoric even as one-by-one those they are counting on to conduct the coup are being forced to resign or be fired and criminal indictments are being prepared or already sealed.

One of those high-level politicians is a female senator from New York.  While I know you’re expecting (even hoping) it to be Hillary Clinton, her day of reckoning is ahead. 

The appointment of Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to replace Hillary Clinton when she resigned her senate seat always seemed a little sketchy.  Now we know why.

Gillibrand is a controllable asset that the Clinton crime family can count on to do their bidding.  How can they be sure of this?  Gillibrand came out of the same swamp of sexual corruption that the Clintons have always relied on to stock their team.  In this regard, Gillibrand is a made woman.

The Clinton’s had long relied on the sexual perversities of their political allies (and opponents) to control their actions, their votes and their loyalty.

Here’s where NXIVM enters the picture.  NXVIM is, among other things, a sex cult where women are treated as slaves and where the cult’s leader, Keith Raniere brands his slaves genitals with his initials.

Raniere and Smallville actress Allison Mack were recently arrested and charged with sex trafficking.  According to sources Mack is singing like a canary but we have not yet learned what she has told authorities.

Here’s what we do know as of now.

NXIVM had a team of lawyers and lobbyists from both sides of the aisle on its payroll including, according a report in the NY Post, Roger Stone, NY State Republican powerbroker Joe Bruno and Arkansas Judge Richard Mays.  Bill Clinton appointed Mays to the Arkansas Supreme Court.

Gillibrand’s father, Doug Rutnik, was retained as an attorney by NXIVM for four months.  Rutnik was paid $25,000 per month in 2004.

According to a source, “When he wanted to quit, he was falsely sued.  He ended up paying them back the $100,000 he’d been paid and signing a confidentiality agreement.”

When confronted with this Senator Gillibrand hid behind a spokesman who said:

“Sen. Gillibrand had never heard of this group until she recently read about them in the newspaper.”

Really?  This defies credulity.  Gillibrand’s father abandons a $25,000 per month gig four months into it when he learns of the depravity he’s being paid to defend, he gets sued, and he never once mentioned this to his daughter who is a rising powerbroker of sorts? 

Rutnik worked for NXIVM in 2004 and fourteen years later Gillibrand is still in the dark? 

More likely, Gillibrand is up to her neck in all of this.  Here’s why.

First follow the money.  According to Vanity Fair, Clare Bronfman and her sister Sara, heirs to the Bronfman (Seagram’s) fortune pumped as much as $150 million into NXIVM.

Clare Bronfman also maxed out the allowable contribution to Gillibrand’s special election campaign in 2010.  People in the Bronfman-Gillibrand circle talk.  It’s absurd to think that she heard nothing over these 14 years.  Senate campaigns involve opposition research – not just on the opponent but also on their own candidate to know what they might be confronted with.  It’s not possible this was missed.

An ex-member of NXVIM told the New York Post’s Richard Johnson:

“Sen. Gillibrand went after Bill Clinton for something that happened decades ago, but she’s done nothing about the women who are being branded and tortured right now, and right in her hometown.”

Gillibrand will not skate on this.  More importantly, the deal she will be presented with will demand she bear witness to the Clinton’s criminal syndicate.

Gillibrand is not the only U.S. senator (or representative) that will be implicated.

Now it’s our turn.  #DraintheSwamp.