Two Different Hacking Stories Prove Obama is a Fraud

ELDER PATRIOT- Obama’s pardon of Bradley Manning yesterday exposed the president as a social justice fraud. Manning was found guilty of violating his oath to protect the classified intelligence he had access to. The result of Manning’s wholesale release of this intelligence resulted in the death of American servicemen and intelligence assets, and put our allies at risk.

Apparently Manning’s decision to transition from Bradley to Chelsea swayed Obama’s decision. I say this because there is no material difference between the actions of Manning and those of Edward Snowden.

Obama granted Manning clemency despite vocal objections from the Department of Defense that was severely compromised by Manning.

Compare this to the civil unrest Obama and his fellow Democrats are fostering by claiming that Donald Trump was not legitimately elected because of the totally unproven claim that “Russia hacked the election.”

Frankly, whoever was responsible for hacking John Podesta and the DNC’s emails deserves our undying gratitude. Without this information – that Obama’s government oversight and ethics committees failed to provide to the people – we likely would have elected a criminal as our president.

Obama’s dependence on moral relativism to “fundamentally transform” the United States has damned near destroyed every Founding Principle that had made America great.

Obama and the now 64 Democrats who are refusing to recognize the peaceful transition of power are doing more to undermine our American democracy than anything they have been able to show the Russians have done.

Only three more days are left of Obama’s deceitful and destructive presidency. Thank God President-elect Trump appears to be up to the task of completely eradicating the last eight years.