Two Candidates. One Vote.

Two people are running to become our next president.  Both are claiming they want to fix what’s broken in Washington.  This 6:00 minute video produced by one of the candidates makes it clear which one may be signaling their true intentions to the American people.  If you plan on voting, or even if you don’t, please watch this before you head to the polls on November 8th.

Ask yourself, can a candidate who has one position in public and another in private be trusted when that candidate promises to fix a system that is rigged in favor of that candidate’s largest donors? 

Can the candidate who has used every previous position of trust to sell access and influence to the highest bidder for their personal enrichment be trusted to dismantle what everyone acknowledges is a broken system?

Is the candidate with the backing of Washington’s political establishment – including the leadership of the opposition party – the person to trust with reforming Washington’s ruling cartel that has spent us $20 trillion into debt while overseeing the decline of the middle-class and replaced it with a billionaire class?

It’s your vote – don’t waste it.  You can’t change things by voting for more of the same.

Please share this video with everyone you know.  The American dream hinges on the result of this election.